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LordOfTheSmeargle's Nuzlocke Challenge

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Okay. I've decided, well, I've pwned Pokemon Black twice, and now I want to play it Nuzlocke.

What is Nuzlocke? Simply put, it's a more challenging version of Pokemon. Here's the rules, if you want more description:

1. If your Pokemon is KO'd, it is considered dead and must be released, or if you can't bring yourself to do so, permanently placed in a box. If all your Pokemon are KO'd, you have to restart the whole game.

2. You can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter on the route. If you fail to catch it, run away, or kill it, you can't catch any Pokemon on that route.

I'll probably post an update on this challenge in about an hour. Till then, though, I'm out. Bye. I'm going to play Pokemon now.

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  1. Meow Wow's Avatar
    BW can be hard to Nuzlocke, due to the exp system. Don't forget about nicknaming your pokemon.
  2. Quacks the Automaton's Avatar
    This bein' drawn? Either way, good luck.


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