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  1. I decided to try making this into a comic.

    Be warned that I suck at drawing.

    Click it for a close-up.
  2. Nuzlocke Challenge Update #1

    I forgot about one thing: You have to nickname every Pokemon you catch. I forgot about that. Joltik reminded me of that. Thanks.

    Peppermint (Snivy)
    Lvl. 5

    For most of the Nuvema Town/beginning part, I was like, "Hurry the hell up, I wanna go catch a Pokemon." When I finally got to Route 1, I was literally chanting, "Lillipup, ...
  3. LordOfTheSmeargle's Nuzlocke Challenge

    Okay. I've decided, well, I've pwned Pokemon Black twice, and now I want to play it Nuzlocke.

    What is Nuzlocke? Simply put, it's a more challenging version of Pokemon. Here's the rules, if you want more description:

    1. If your Pokemon is KO'd, it is considered dead and must be released, or if you can't bring yourself to do so, permanently placed in a box. If all your Pokemon are KO'd, you have to restart the whole game.

    2. You can only catch the first ...