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Day 13

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Woo, big story behind today's topic!

Day 13- Your First Pokemon Game

Pokemon Crystal :D

Back when I was very young, many years ago, my sister and I had Gameboy Colors, and we loved those things to death. We played them ALL THE TIME, and we had tons and tons of games. One day, we went camping at the beach, and we parked our RV at a parking lot area by the ocean so we could spend the day on the beach. My sister and I, worried that our precious GBCs would get wet or sandy, left them in the RV. That evening, when we returned, the RV had been broken into. Our GBCs were nowhere to be found. We looked everywhere. They were gone, along with our large amount of awesome games. My older sister and I were absolutely devestated that someone had stolen our favorite toys, but now as I look back on it, we were lucky. Whoever those robbers were could've stolen my mom's purse that was in there, full of cash and credit cards, but they didn't.

Anyways, now that our RV had a busted door & lock, we had no choice but to head back home. When we arrived back, my mom took my sister and me to Toys R Us to buy us new Gameboys. We were never really up to date with the technology back then, so we didn't know that the Gameboy Advance had been released. We found out once we got there, and there was a special giveaway going on at the time if you bought a Gameboy Advance, you got Pokemon Crystal for free. So we obviously took the opportunity, since we didn't even have any games at this point. I got the light blue, sorta transparent GBA and my sister got the dark blue one. We didn't have anything else to play, so we went ahead and played Crystal. I remember as a little kid sitting on the couch with my GBA, completely mezmorized by Suicune's silhouette running in the title screen, staring at it for like 10 minutes straight. I actually really hated the darn game back then, I chose Cyndaquil as my starter and, despite it being male, named it Abby. It was the only one I trained cause it was my strongest one, and I would get really frustrated with the game because I hadn't really ever played an RPG before, and I couldn't quite read fully at the time, and I easily got confused with some of the larger words that NPCs would sat to me. I didn't play the game in years, but I picked it up again in about 3rd grade and finally understood everything I was supposed to do. I played it all the way until 5th grade, and I remember being stuck in the Ice Path (or maybe it was Pryce's gym, I can't remember) and I kept sliding around on the ice and I couldn't find my way out. A few months later, the battery died. My save file was deleted. Abby was gone. I was pretty sad about it.

So a few months ago, I went and got my battery replaced and I'm playing it again, and for good old nostalgia's sake, I nicknamed my male Cyndaquil Abby.

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