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Day 11

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Day 11- Your First Pokemon Plush

Pikachu. I used to have an older Pikachu plush that my dad got for me out of the claw machine at some diner when I was about 7, but I have no idea what happened to it. The Pikachu in the photo is one that I got almost a month ago at an amusement park that I went to with my whole class as an end of the school year trip. I tried to get one out of the claw machine, but anyone who's tried doing that before knows that its almost friggin' impossible, so I broke down and bought one at some tent. it was $15, but it was worth it because either way I would've wasted $15 in quarters at that dumb machine. Hah, maybe I'm a little too old to be buying Pokemon plushies, but I don't care.

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