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Bemoaning my bad luck on Pokemon TCG online

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by , 27th February 2012 at 09:51 PM (472 Views)
Boredom has lead to the rather nifty browser-based Pokemon Trading Card Game. Despite the game perhaps being too simply for my tastes, it's a lot of fun and a decent way to pass the time, especially when I'm sweeping aside every challenge single player mode has thrown at me (I'm too chicken to play PvP). Until now, that is.

Success in a card game is as much down to luck as it is logical decision making and planning. Sometimes, you'll draw all the right cards to apply your strategies, while your opponents struggles to muster any form of offence. Other times, you'll get really poor draws and lose badly. The latter has happened to me a little too often recently.

My opponent's deck is quite formidable with its many heavy hitters like Machamp and Lucario, so I will need as much luck as possible to win. During my first attempt, the computer saw fit to give me a hand of Basic Pokemon and no Energy cards. This continued for the next three or four turns. Meanwhile, my opponent already has two Machoke and a Lucario all ready to go to destroy me in a matter of moments.

My only defence against them? A Horsea and two Eevee. None of whom could attack. Brilliant.

In the end, I managed to recover well enough to get down to two prize cards, but eventually I feel to the overwhelming firepower. In certainly didn't help that whenever I needed to flip a heads, I got a tails thus rendering me unable to attack or use certain Trainer cards. Meanwhile, my opponents is, of course, not having the same difficulty.

The second attempt at this went even worse. This time, I was given one Basic, two Stage 2 Pokemon and a ton of Energy cards. And every draw from here was an Energy card. By the time I got some cards I could actually work with, my opponent had already won five Prize Cards.

Well, they say third time is the charm...

EDIT: Third time is indeed the charm, as I just swept my opponent with one Pokemon. Happy days.

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