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Bemoaning my bad luck on Pokemon Black

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by , 26th February 2012 at 07:49 PM (240 Views)
I am at the stage now on Pokemon Black where the only things left for me to are to catch the remaining Pokemon and beat certain trainers. By nature, I am quite lazy and thus tend to go into these difficult battles underleveled and underprepared. But hey, it's more fun that way, right?

When my team of levels in the range of 60-63 fighting these trainers, I need every advantage I can get; status effects, crticial hits, type advantage... One thing I have come to realise though is that Pokemon Black (and White) likes to dish out those advantages... to the opponent, not you.

While I appreciate a good challenge I would also appreciate it if, you know, Cheren's Haxorus did actually get hit by its self-induced confusion and not successfully pull off Outrage in three consecutive turns, hence successfully devastating my team by itself. It would be nice if that random Veteran Trainer with a Gyrados would stop making the only Pokemon I have that has an electric attack flinch every time it did Waterfall. I would really find it useful if Cheren's Simipour didn't land a critical hit on me at the most convenient of times. Oh, and it'd be great if those low-accuracy attacks such as Focus Blast actually live up their billing and missed once in a while.

I did manage to win those battles in the end, but sometimes I do wonder if there is a slight bias somewhere.

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    At least you're getting a lesson in tactics ;)


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