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The Shiny Gengar

Finish ALL The Projects!

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So as you may or may not know, I'm an advanceshipper. And when it comes to advanceshipping, I'd say a lot of people go to fanfiction and read, write, or read and write advanceshipping stories. I'm more of a read and write... but lately less write... and stuff...

School has been such a pain in the butt lately, technically I should be doing it right now... but no... I'm writing a blog... I hope you're happy...

But just because I'm not writing much right now doesn't mean I'm chocked up with ideas. I'm trying to work on Civil War, but I have so many other things that are pulling on my mind, if you look on my fanfiction profile Which can be located by clicking this unnecessarily long link that takes you to a magical place (aka right here), You'll see that there are at least three story ideas I have but haven't begun writing (As of April 20th, 2012).

Although I'm not as strange on Fanfiction than I am here... not quite sure why...


I need to write a story about rainbows....

But back on topic, there's an infinity and one things I want to do but can't because of school, so once summer vacation comes, I'll probably writing my butt off. I have an idea for a song fic, I have an idea about time travel, I have an idea about problems within the subconscious, so many things...

But I'd also like to keep working on Civil War too, so... what do you do about that, I try not to write more than one story at a time, but I've been trying to free myself up with Civil War, I had been bound to Fiercer Than a Legendary before, I don't want that to happen again...

Time will tell, honestly, I'm actually working on two fics, thinking about writing a one-shot in the midst of that, and trying to beat Majora's Mask on my Wii. (And yet I waste all my time at the Game Corner on this blog, WHY!?!?!)

Ahem, I'm done for now.
The Shiny Gengar

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