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My day has started good...but went to a bad climax. Went to school, turns out my backpack got stuck on the passenger seat as I closed it, and got dragged a few feet by the car...and luckily there were only a few people at school who witnessed this, but I became known as the clumsy one for the rest of the day...then I accidentally hit the pole while staring at some strange pink car that passed by.

To continue, I had this question in mind....actually, I have a lot of stupid questions. Why do some say their clock went "off" when it's on? Why are softballs hard? Why do banks leave their doors wide open, but chain their pens to the counter? If an orange is called an orange, why isn't a lime called green or lemon yellow?

Despite that, I realized how I was missing on the great games that are coming out. Everybody is playing Skyrim, Call of Duty, Portal, Skyward Sword, Uncharted, Infamous, Ocarina of Time, Minecraft...and so on. All I got to play this year, so far, is the Paper Mario series...although I enjoy it, I bet they don't compare to the new games coming out...and I'm learning new things every day...I need to be updated.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Why do banks leave their doors wide open, but chain their pens to the counter?
    Probably because you can't grab a door and stab someone with it.
  2. Hachidori's Avatar
    Also, I'm sure they'd lose a lot of pens if they didn't chain them to the table (people putting them in their pocket or purse after filling out the banking slips). I don't think they have to worry about people taking doors.
  3. Momoka's Avatar
    Paper Mario is awesome. XD


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