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Random Nonsense [Not 100% accurate]


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I used to play around with frogs...and still do, being a teen who gets bored rather quickly when I'm outdoors. I remember those days when people used to say "Apes with take over the world!" and for some reason "Ants will take over the world!" My friend told me to turn the television on to check out something, and this came up:

This made me wonder about that frog. Anyway, I also happen to be in serious exams lately, and hopefully I pass them...which I know I will, due to never failing before.

I also noticed how the pokemon I want never appears, but when I don't need it, it pops out so many times. It's just a coincidence.

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  1. The Power of Pika's Avatar
    That frog needs a top hat and a cane.=)

    Good luck on your exams.


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