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Days of my life #6

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by , 2nd September 2012 at 09:54 PM (117 Views)
Man... has it been that long of a gap of my blog?!?! Sorry about that people. What happened just about last month my time is that, in this order, is what happened this summer:
1. I accidently fried my mom's old Pc; which is not her laptop!

2. My gaggle account has vanished; thank God that it has not affected this account!

3. I was promised that a person would take me to the Alaskan state fair... but they took somebody else!

And 4. School has started for me up here in the matanuska susitna valley, so maybe I might get to chat when it is lunch.

Ill tell you about my high school adventures later. Talk to you later!

Gameking1 out!

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