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  1. Unoffensive Greetings

    Merry Christmas negative Eve.
    Or <insert appropriate adjective here> <insert applicable winter holiday here>.
    Don't celebrate? Happy Winter! I hope you have snow, unlike here. If you like snow. You don't have to like snow. That's fine.
    You don't have to be in the Northern Hemisphere, either. Happy Summer! Don't get sunburned!
    You know what? Have a fantastic December. Have an amazing life. Whatever's going on in your life right now, I'm sure that you can get ...
  2. Happy...

    Happy Thanksgiving to anyone in the United States! For everyone else, happy Thursday, because today not being a holiday is absolutely no excuse to not have a happy day anyway.
    Whatever you do today, be it celebrations or school or work, try to enjoy it!
  3. Movies...

    This is my first blog entry, hooray! :3
    So, I saw some movies and also some previews recently. Since this is a pokemon forum, I might as well start with the pokemon one.
    Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice. It's one hour, five minutes long, and it was very bad. VERY. BAD. I found it very cheesy... since when does Iris know how to pilot blimps...?

    "Look at you. Soaring through the air, majestically, like an eagle. Piloting a blimp."
    So, in the Pacific Rim ...