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HeartGold Nuzlocke Challenge [Part 2 : Screwing up the Ecosystem]

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After I talked with my mother, I went to Route 29 and saw Celesta who wanted to show me how to capture Pokémons. She showed me that jumping in place in the tall grass makes you battle wild Pokémons. So I did the same, to not avail. Next, she gave me 5 Pokéballs, which is nice. Shortly after I found a wild Pokémon that I captured :

Bianca, Lvl 4 (Female)
Serious, Highly Curious
Ability : Guts

She is named after the protagonist of the same name from "The Rescuers".

However, we got attacked by 4 Pidgeys, the last one almost killed Bianca. After a trip to Professor Elm's Healing Machine, we went on to Route 46. The first Pokémon was a Rattata, but it went to attack me directly. Good thing Parker was here to bring that pest down. When we found out we couldn't get past the ledge, we had to go back to Route 29. But I tripped on a rock, which was in fact a Geodude. I had to use all my Pokéballs just to capture this Pokémon :

Flint, Lvl 3 (Male)
Quiet, Impetuous and Silly
Ability : Sturdy

He is named after Flint from Mother 3. It's also the name of a mineral material.

Shortly after, another Geodude appeared, trying to get me down for capturing its friend. Parker once again saved the day.
And now begins what I will call : "Route 29 - Angry Birds Edition". As I walked down Route 29, a flock of 10 Pidgeys attacked me and my Pokémons. Fortunately, Flint could repel them off all by himself, leveling up to 6 and learning Mud Sport in the process. But after that encounter he felt drowsy, which called for another visit to Professor Elm's Healing Machine.

We then advanced to Cherrygrove City and next to Route 30. However, I couldn't catch the first Pokémon I encountered on Route 30 because I forgot all the Pokéballs I had were used to capture Flint. I went back at Cherrygrove to buy 10 Pokéballs and 5 Antidotes, while getting a Premier Ball for free. 14 Pidgeys, including a family of 2 parents and 4 chicks ; 5 Metapods and 4 Caterpies were slaughtered before I confront Youngsters Joey and Mandé. Both of them whited out of battle, for some reason. Parker and Flint achieved the level 9 each and a Scout had done his appearence, but his loss in battle caused him to white out as well, which makes me wonder :

What would happen if I loose a battle ? Will I white out too ?


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  1. Luminosity's Avatar
    Yay for Flint! Faulkner and Bugsy will be easy pickings.

    Those poor Pidgeys T_T Nah, I hate wild Pidgey, particularly ones level 5 or higher that spam Sand Attack.
  2. Herbizarre's Avatar
    More Pidgeys, more experience points !

    The only problem will be for the Bellsprout Tower : Parker and Flint won't be effective there, leaving Bianca doing the job for them unless I manage to get an effective Pokémon for that.


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