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HeartGold Nuzlocke Challenge [Part 3 : Leeching life through an eggplant]

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by , 10th May 2012 at 08:35 AM (354 Views)
Right after stepping on Route 31, I went in the tall grass and found this Pokémon :

Wallace, Lvl 3 (Male)
Naive, Impetuous and Silly
Ability : Chlorophyll

I was thinking of Wallace and Gromit when I got this Bellsprout. I suppose its form reminded me of the style of that series.

But my main priority at the moment was to heal this Pokémon and headed to the nearest Pokémon Center. But before doing so, Celesta stopped me in my track. She asked me when I outpaced her, but replied I didn't even see her going ahead of me. She then gave me a Vs. Recorder, which is nice though it doesn't have any batteries in it. Bloody beautiful.

After healing my Pokémons, I trained Wallace by whipping 11 Rattatas, 3 Spinaraks and 3 Hoothoots on the previous routes, earning Bianca and Wallace their level 9 and 8 respectively. I then realized there was a cave on Route 31, though I didn't bother to check it out at first. The Dark Cave is well named and due to this, I didn't go too far from the entrance. I however encountered this Pokémon :

Fritz, Lvl 3 (Male)
Lax, Likes to run
Ability : Inner Focus

Random. I wanted to have a Pokémon with a german name in my party. Achtung, Herr Zubat ist hier !

After Fritz has been caught, a trio of Zubats and a Geodude attacked us, but both Parker and Bianca repelled them away. Another quick voyage to the Pokémon Center was welcome, seeing how unhealthy Fritz looked. A Bellsprout and 2 Rattatas came out of the grass and as I finished to battle them, a Scout named Francis challenged me and my Pokémons to battle his trio of Caterpies and his Weedle. 2 of the Caterpies have gotten their health sucked dry by Fritz while the third one almost killed the latter, forcing me to get Flint finish the work.

After I won the battle, Francis asked me if I wanted his phone number so he can call me whenever he find berries, which I agreed upon and we exchanged our phone numbers. Getting Fritz back to full health allowed him to suck dry the lives out of 8 Spinaraks, 6 Rattatas, 2 Bellsprouts and a Hoothoot that passed by, allowing Fritz to level up to 7 while learning Supersonic in the process, while also giving both Flint and Parker the opportunity to level up to 10 !


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  1. Luminosity's Avatar
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    Yay, Bianca doesn't have to face all those Bellsprout in Sprout Tower alone!
  2. Herbizarre's Avatar
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    Indeed. I can't wait until Fritz learns Astonish : Leech Lifing Pokémons is tiresome, due to its low Base Power and low number of PPs. D:
  3. Luminosity's Avatar
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    Yes, Zubat is particularly annoying to level up when it just has Leech Life (since Supersonic has sucky accuracy); I had to do that with my Zubat (now Golbat) Lilith in my Platinum Nuzlocke. I was so happy when she learned Bite XD
  4. Herbizarre's Avatar
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    Annoying when in wild state, annoying to level up... I can see why many people hates Zubat. But I still like this Pokémon =)
  5. Luminosity's Avatar
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    I do too. I can't tell you how many bug and grass types I've ohko'd with a Wing Attack from Lilith. And I absolutely love that she can't get poisoned :3
  6. Herbizarre's Avatar
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    We are on an agreement here =p


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