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HeartGold Nuzlocke Challenge [Part 1 : Watering an Egg]

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by , 6th May 2012 at 08:40 AM (601 Views)
Starting from New Bark Town with my starter, I walked into Route 29 and get through it. On the way, I battled a Rattata and 2 Hoothoots, resulting into Parker leveling up to Lvl 6, learning Water Gun in the process.

Shortly after, an old man halted me and guided me through the town (that I have crossed many many times before in the original Gold). He was quite speedy thanks to his shoes that he gave me right after we finished our tour, telling me a gross joke about his shoes. Right after that, I turned to Parker and saw him smelling a flower. Going North into Route 30, but not before the old man got back at me and gave me a map application for the PokéGear.

On the way to Mr. Pokémon's house, I battled a Spinarak and a Rattata, resulting in Parker's level up to 7. I also picked up an Antidote and a Pokémon between two youngsters. Afterwards, I reached Mr. Pokémon's house and found Professor Oak in there as well. I got a Mystery Egg from the former and the Pokédex from the latter, whom is late for his rendez-vous at Goldenrod City. Shortly after, Professor Elm called me on my PokéGear, stammering (?) about a bad event that happened at his lab. I rushed Route 30, defeating a Spinarak that poisoned Parker and fleed a Hoothoot in the hurry because I forgot to heal my Pokémon's status beforehand.

After healing Parker at Cherrygrove City, I kept rushing towards Route 29 and I got halted not by the jogging old man, but by a random ginger boy. He battled me with his Chikorita which Parker has Scratched to the K.O, leveling him up to 8 and learning the Rage move. His Trainer Card fell off his pocket when he got away. All I could see on it was his name before he took it back.

All the way until Professor Elm's lab I ran à la QWOP. When I entered, a police officer had the good idea of thinking I was the culprit. Right before he put the handcuffs on me, Celesta came in the lab, pulled a "Mia Fey" and screamed "Hold it" (Listen to this for better effects). After she explained that a random ginger was the one who had done the crime, the police officer asked me the name of the culprit, which I replied by "Kirk".
After the policeman went, I gave Professor Elm the egg Mr. Pokémon had entrusted me to carry on. Seeing how my duty was over, I was going to exit the lab until Elm offered me to battle the Johto Gym Leaders.

"Battling ? Gym Leaders ?", I replied as Parker and I put on our rape happy faces. After Elm told me to go to Violet City, as it is the closest town with a Gym building in it. I then went to see my mother and told her everything that happened, including me going to fight the Gym Leaders. She gave me the approval but told me to be careful out there (as all mothers would say).

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