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  1. Happy birthday to me !

    I turned 23 this morning. I'll be off to a friend's house in less than a hour, but for now I have registered my 3DS Games on Club Nintendo, only to realise I don't have nearly enough Stars to get one of the more expensive gifts. Oh well. ^^;

    I also got an Aggron drawing on DeviantArt as a gift, which is nice. :D
  2. Battle Maison Shenanigans

    After a while of not continuing the Battle Maison (I had 16 consecutive victories), I went back using my Sheer Force Nidoking, Curse Mega Aggron & SubPetaya Volcarona... The 17th match was lost due to the enemy Frogadier flinch-haxing with Hydro Pump, KOing both my Nidoking and Mega Aggron. When I thought I could pull it through with Volcarona, then Magneton comes in and activate the Quick Claw and finishes her off with Thunder... Woopsie

    So I had to wreck through the ...
  3. Going back to Pokémon Y

    After a few months of not playing this game (mainly due to me being annoyed about not getting a Shiny Hawlucha after 627 eggs), I decided to play it again (mostly thanks to a friend of mine who wanted a HA female Pumpkaboo, so I caught one. Heck, I even interrupted a "voice acting" argument between him and a few other friends by asking him what Poké Ball I should use for Pumpkaboo )

    Should I go back to shiny breeding Hawlucha, or should I breed for something else ...

    Updated 4th May 2014 at 01:53 PM by Herbizarre

  4. F-Zero GX

    I've played it for a couple of hours now since a long time (aka after I finally asked for an universal TV Remote to replace the old one I had), and I've beaten 4 Staff Ghosts using the Wild Goose, a machine that is considered the worst due to it being an engine-powered soap and having the shortest Boost Power in the game, despite sporting the overall best stats.

    Tonight was a good night.

    Updated 30th January 2014 at 07:39 PM by Herbizarre

  5. That actually happened to me right now. OTL

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