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You Are A Tourist

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by , 8th September 2012 at 11:04 PM (282 Views)
If you read a previous blog entry of mine, you might have seen that I had my first day of high school and planned on not making many friends. Well, a couple weeks in and I'm quite surprisingly struggling to keep that plan. Not because I've been talking the heads off of everyone I see, but because everyone I see seems to be talking the head off of me. ._.

Seriously, I was expecting to be left alone, since I'm usually extremely quiet, I can never look people in the eye, I talk awkwardly and can't really form the right words, etc. But people just keep talking to me. It's strange. Also, an extreme pet peeve of mine is when people talk to me while I'm listening to music, but luckily, people in this school have been mostly good about that.

Eh, I shouldn't be complaining, really. There are much worse things in the world than having to put up with people at school. Although it's close. And anyway, I actually made two extremely good friends this way. One is a guy named Eduardo, who's kinda quiet sometimes but is just as noisy as most people at other times, has a great sense of humor, and is pretty intelligent. The other is a girl named Rachel, who's extremely hyperactive and has very messy hair, a nice music taste, and is always trying to get me to talk more often. And she has some strange fetish for my hat.

With these two and all the people I know on Bulbagarden, I can't imagine needing anymore friends. After all, it's not really the amount of friends that matter, it's who those friends are. It's probably even worse to have a large amount of friends. Really, I think these two are all the friends I need for high school.

If you read through this and have absolutely no interest at all or think I sound conceited, I'm sorry. ._.
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  1. Orion's Avatar
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    You remind me a lot of myself. We both wear sexy hats. I'm just as quiet and awkward as you. I wasn't really planning on making many friends either, and I have a ton even though I'm only a sophmore.

    So how are the upperclassmen treating you? How are your classes?
  2. Caprizant's Avatar
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    @Syxx; I don't see much of the upperclassmen (as I go to a trade school, we alternate weeks of day-long classes with them). A lot of them seem to know my brother, though, who's a junior now. They joke around with me about me not being as good as my brother, but I can tell they don't mean it.
  3. Momoka's Avatar
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    DAMMIT, I MISSED THE FIRST COMMENT. -_- That's great that you've met two friends, Pac-Cap! :D
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  4. Orion's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by NfiNity
    DAMMIT, I MISSED THE FIRST COMMENT. -_- That's great that you've met two friends, Pac-Cap! :D
    Aww I'm sorry.
  5. Caprizant's Avatar
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    It's alright, she's just being Fin-Fin.


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