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Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine

We Never Change

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Nothing to do. Mind numb. Other bandwagon boring. Ask. Number.

Stole this from Joltik. Replace Tumblr with BMGf, of course.
Also, some of the questions I may not want to answer, so yeah. :I
*is completely useless at answering questions*

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  1. Caprizant's Avatar
    @Fin-Fin; I should do these more often, then. :P
    1. People being disrespectful.
    2. Most of the music on the radio stations around my area.
    3. Cinnamon rolls. Seriously. ._.
    4. People asking me too many questions. :I
  2. Momoka's Avatar

    .... 44. I'm so sorry. Well, if I was I wouldn't be asking, but still.
  3. Caprizant's Avatar
    @Fin-Fin; No apology needed. ;3

    Eh, I dunno... really, at this point, just being in the same room together and being able to talk would be perfect. ;3
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