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Q: Are we not men?

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Yeah, another "ask me anything" blog. "Anything" does not actually mean "anything," and thus, any uninteresting questions will be wafted away with an utterance of 42.

*cue the one comment I might get*

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  1. Karisse's Avatar
    Where the heck do you get all these references? ._.
  2. Meyneth's Avatar
    How are things?
  3. Momoka's Avatar
    Dammit, missed first comment. Did you get the idea to do this off of my blog? X3
  4. Heartilly's Avatar
    When did you first realize your feelings for Fin? I can't remember if you said before or not. XD
  5. Caprizant's Avatar
    @Hypersonic; Mostly music, sometimes movies or books or games. :P
    @Joltik; 42 Alright, but I kinda have a small window to get on Bulbagarden because I'm off somewhere with my family. ._.
    @NfiNity; I hate mentioning you, I can't call you Fin-Fin Maybe I did. So?
    @HilbertCressLover; Uh... do you remember when I asked Fin-Fin how she felt about me, and you couldn't see the answer? That was then. We talked in the PMs for awhile after that. I said it in my blog a couple entries back.
    Updated 22nd August 2012 at 06:09 PM by Caprizant (HCL)
  6. Momoka's Avatar
    When we meet in real life, will you call me by my actual name or will you call me "Fin-Fin"? XD
  7. Caprizant's Avatar
    @Fin-Fin; found out how Haven't we agreed to this already? X3
  8. Dan's Avatar
    we are Devo!
  9. Pyradox's Avatar
    Why did you lie about uttering "42"?
    Also, what do you think of Jack and I? I'd like to know if you're ship-crazy like TS4449.
  10. Caprizant's Avatar
    @Pyradox; 42.
    I personally think you guys are perfect together, but if you guys want to stick strictly broskis (and/or if you're really just doing it all for the lulz), nothing's stopping you. :I


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