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competitive RMTs

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people need to post more. even in the q and a section. i love it over there, there just aren't enough RMTs.

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  1. SharKing's Avatar
    Yeah, the Battle Center is pretty inactive. It's a shame; I love that forum.
  2. ~Aeon's Avatar
    well. your a mod there. that reminds me, we have to work on the team. right now it sucks.
  3. Angad's Avatar
    Sounds like a challenge.
  4. Sublime's Avatar
    The RMT section has never been really active. Sometimes moderately active, but mostly really slow...and I can remember days where it's been just dead even for a few days.

    The Tournament and Battle Sections can be really active if done right. But sometimes people will either not have time for battling, they wont care anymore, or they will build a good enough team where they don't need it rated until much later.
  5. Iteru's Avatar
    While I barely post there, reading the theory thread is usually quite fun and interesting.
  6. GSP's Avatar
    I know and it sucks D:. But if you want something to rate, then I'm your guy. I'm constantly thinking of ways I could better my teams and I would love having the input of someone who knows what they're talking about. Actually, I was just about to PM you with my revised team
  7. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
    That forum is definitely the best one on bmgf, hands down. Such tranquility..I agree it needs more love.
  8. ~Aeon's Avatar
    and, just saying, the ratio of plausible teams to downright stupid teams is much better here then serebii or smogon.


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