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All aboard the hate train!

Is it me?

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That this summer we have a lack of new users? Or for the fact any user? I feel compared to the years before that the summer was busy. Hmm interesting.

Is the sky even blue?

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  1. Parfait's Avatar
    It's still early summer. Maybe more people will join come July.
  2. Soulmaster's Avatar
    And in September-November we'll have a HUGE increase in members. New gen and all that.
  3. Karamazov's Avatar
    I've seen A LOT of new people in the past few months already, too. The XY hype's really helpful in that regard.
  4. Reila's Avatar
    Well, every time I click on "new posts" there are new welcome threads on the Garden Grotto. I've seen quite a few people registered in 2013 posting here and there also, so I don't think there is really a lack of new users.
  5. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
    I joined back in March, does that count?
  6. Phoenixon's Avatar
    The sky was never blue. Your whole life was a lie.

    @Bolt, CLOSE ENOUGH....
  7. Miss Mew's Avatar
    Hmm... Maybe that explains most everything in the world... WE HAVE A CURE FOR ALL DISEASES! (Take it easy. It's a joke.)
  8. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
    New Leaf just came out. I am guessing that a lot of Nintendo fans are probably spending more time playing instead of going onto internet forums.

    That's just my guess.
  9. GreatLiver's Avatar
    I think we've had a real kick these past few months what with news actually happening, so I think it's more that were maintaining that current status quo. You don't notice a downturn in registering users because it had already spiked, which means when it stays plateaued it may appear that it's not doing much.

    And like Rainy Day said, it's still early on. I know a lot of the public schools around me only just got out, so those bored kids may not be too bored yet.

    And I've definitely got to second Sato, I have most certainly decreased in activity in the last two weeks since a lot more of my free time goes towards AC:NL.


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