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All aboard the hate train!

Desicions, decisions

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Why am I so confused? Well first off there's my birthday in a couple of days and this year my folks gave me money before my birthday (I don't know why so don't ask). Anyways I'm not so sure what to do, I could get a PSV, but the big question for that is Persona 4. I've heard its amazing and stuff like that, but I can't really tell what is the objective of the game. Second, I could get some exercise equipment, but there's no way that going to happen. I've been thinking about getting a Wii U, but I think I'll pass on it since I already have a xbox, and I will probably get it when the new smash bros comes out.

Know that I think about it really isn't that much of a decision.

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  1. Xita's Avatar

    Get a 3DS.



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