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Top 100 Pokemon [v3]

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For the record, I'm only writing an updated version for my own enjoyment, as I like writing these and I felt like making a newer version. It's not changed drastically from v2 and I don't expect anybody to actually care.

Using the word "rank" this time because I think "tier" sounds stupid in this context. Assume everything in the same rank I like the same amount, with the exception of rank 1, which is in order.

The title lies again, it's still going to be top 109, which I accidentally made it last time. That was an accident but I figure I might as well stay consistent, hehe.

Most of the time I prefer the final evolution by some margin, but if I like 2+ members of a line about equally I'll be sure to list them like so.

Rank 1

1. Sableye
2. Sharpedo
3. Stunfisk
4. Swalot/Gulpin
5. Hydreigon
6. Mawile/Mega Mawile
7. Carbink
8. Wigglytuff/Jigglypuff
9. Magcargo
10. Ludicolo
11. Vanilluxe
12. Omastar
13. Shuckle
14. Jellicent (M)
15. Ledian
16. Clawitzer
17. Malamar/Inkay
18. Diggersby
19. Porygon-Z
20. Crobat/Golbat/Zubat
21. Golurk
22. Ditto
23. Gourgeist
24. Beartic
25. Eelektross
26. Drifblim
27. Tangrowth
28. Snorlax
29. Meowstic
30. Electrode
31. Dunsparce
32. Cacturne
33. Wynaut/Wobbuffet
34. Banette/MegaBanette
35. Delcatty
36. Rampardos
37. Klefki
38. Slurpuff
39. Sudowoodo/Bonsly
40. Trevanent
41. Vivillon
42. Huntail
43. Crawdaunt
44. Tyrantrum
45. Quagsire
46. Slowbro
47. Murkrow
48. Beautifly
49. Kingler
50. Barbaracle
51. Rotom
52. Corsola
53. Beheeyem
54. Hariyama/Makuhita
55. Lunatone
56. Parasect
57. Cradily
58. Aegislash
59. Heliolisk
60. Misdreavus
61. Exploud
62. Qwilfish
63. Accelgor
64. Reuniclus
65. Kricketot/Kricketune
66. Goodra
67. Chimecho/Chingling
68. Jumpluff
69. Lanturn/Chinchou
70. Cryogonal
71. Pinsir/Mega Pinsir
72. Steelix
73. Drapion/Skorupi
74. Seviper
75. Jirachi
76. Serperior
77. Galvantula
78. Gallade
79. Avalugg
80. Octillery
81. Gardevoir/Mega Gardevoir
82. Roselia
83. Heatmor
84. Mantine/Mantyke
85. Kecleon
86. Diancie
87. Aggron/Mega Aggron
88. Phione
89. Swoobat
90. Metagross
91. Sylveon
92. Flygon
93. Feraligatr
94. Flareon
95. Marowak
96. Snover/Abomasnow/MegaAbomasnow
97. Dusclops
98. Walrein
99. Roselia
100. Magneton
101. Ariados
102. Garbodor
103. Gyarados/Mega Gyarados
104. Altaria
105. Sigilyph
106. Rayquaza
107. Victreebel
108. Gigalith
109. Regice

That should be everyfin. If I made any mistakes I'll likely not notice since I can't be assed to go over this again. I have weird taste in Pokemon, yeah. There are a few other Pokemon which were almost on the list, but not that many, this is basically all the Pokemon I like, with some of the Rank 9 Pokemon being only a bit. Too lazy to link to anything this time.

Edit: Okay, Greninja's reveal in SSB4 yesterday has made my opinion of the frog skyrocket. I really don't feel like screwing around with the numbers right now (it's a hassle), I'll just give it a special mention. Right now I feel like it deserves, uh, maybe Rank 5, not totally sure.

Edit 2: having a ranking system is fucking stupid, I deleted all the ranks. They're still listed in some sort of order, but the first six are the only ones with a definite order.

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Updated 23rd April 2014 at 05:27 AM by Neosquid



  1. Amon's Avatar
    Liked only because of Dunsparce being on the list
  2. Neosquid's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by superbobbobbob3
    Liked only because of Dunsparce being on the list
    fair enough, dunsparce is pretty awesome. And it won't let me like your post :c
  3. Neosquid's Avatar
    Edited in a Greninja mention
  4. Neosquid's Avatar
    fuck over complicated ranking systems, edited
  5. Silverwynde's Avatar
    Liked for Golurk. Because: Golurk. XD
  6. Neosquid's Avatar
    @Silverwynde; golurk is awesome, yes
    why won't it let me like your post :/
    Updated 12th May 2014 at 07:52 PM by Neosquid
  7. Karamazov's Avatar
    You couldn't like her post because it wasn't approved. I've approved it now though, along with your own post.


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