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Testing a project

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Recently I've been annoyed with how hard certain Pokemon are to use, and the problem is amplified as you move up in the tiers. Sometimes it's something like me wanting to use Swalot in OU, which really doesn't work. Other times it's wanting to use Wigglytuff in NU, and sadly, the poor balloon isn't even useful for me there. I'd like a way to play the game where the Pokemon are more balanced, and where you could use almost anything to good effect. To do this, I wanted to do something along the lines of assigning every Pokemon a level. The "stronger" Pokemon would be at lower levels, while the "weaker" ones would be at higher levels. Every evolutionary line (save for Eevee) would have the same level.

This project was inspired by Challenge Cup's level system.

I wanna know if anyone wants to help with testing this via battles on Pokemon Online.

List of Pokemon levels (rough draft):

Please note that these are not at all final, and are merely a rough draft. If anyone has any suggestions or would like to test, please comment on this blog. I'm thinking of doing "strong" Pokemon verses "weak Pokemon" for a lot of the test battles, with the desirable outcome being a close match.

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