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Ni! Ni!

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Comply with my demands and post a number!

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  1. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    Oh, lord, please! Stop with the infernal "ni"s!

    37! 37! Any number, just please, have mercy!
  2. Sunburn's Avatar
    20 :P
  3. Orion's Avatar
    3 and 34. (I like to pick the most uncomfortable questions :3)
  4. Squall Leonhart's Avatar
    32 and 40.
  5. Feralize's Avatar
    45 xD
  6. -Yamirami-'s Avatar
    @Jack Pschitt;
    -Pacing a lot
    -Chewing gum
    -Cracking my neck

    -My girlfriend
    -Walking on the beach

    -Social anxiety in public
    -Getting fat

    -The age of my girlfriend to my dad ^^;
    -Target, Walgreens (Live near one), and K-mart (Work there)

    Emma Watson a long time ago. She played Hermione Granger and I thought she was sexy. ^^;


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