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My opinions on Black 2/White 2's plot

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by , 1st November 2012 at 10:39 PM (559 Views)
So, let me just get this out there.....I really loved these games, and I love Generation 5 as a whole. But honestly, I found the plot of BW2 a mixed bag. I'll summarize my thoughts here.

Alright, let's start with the pros. The first thing is, I liked what they did with Cheren. Instead of going all Blue on us and making him some random Gym Leader, they actually make him important. He appears a lot, contributes a good amount to the story, etc. Him being a Gym Leader I also found cool, although it was predictable. Bianca is in a similar vein, I think that she was an enjoyable assistant to Juniper in this game.

Colress was pretty interesting. Although I wish he did a bit more prior to being revealed as Team Plasma boss, aside from appearing to solve two broken bridges, and appearing randomly at a few other random points. But, I guess that's okay, at least it's something. I found his personality and motives enjoyable too, he just seems so chill all the time.

The Plasma Frigate was pretty cool too. Although I don't like what they did with it sometimes, in itself it was an awesome ship.

Ex Team Plasma, who are lead by Rood, are also neat. They don't do a whole lot in the story, but I liked the guys. I feel like they didn't really need to be involved in the story a lot anyway.

And now I'll move onto the cons.


Hugh's motivation against Team Plasma seems to be 100% fueled by his desire to get his sister's Purrloin back. I would understand if that was a motivating factor, but it's literally all he seems to care about. It makes me facepalm whenever Hugh bitches about wanting it back to Team Plasma. Hugh in himself is okay I guess, I can't really dislike him.

Another thing that disappointed me is that the Musketeer Trio just showed up randomly, when a lot of people were expecting them to play a bigger role. I mean, I guess I can't expect them to be super involved, be honest, their lack of involvement wasn't really a big deal to me anyway.

Anthea and Concordia do nothing aside from explain a bit about N. I said earlier that I didn't expect ex Team Plasma to be super involved, but I'd be upset if they did absolutely nothing. They do a little bit at one point, when they confront Team Plasma with you at Giant Chasm, along with that one spy. What irks me is that Anthea and Concordia do nothing at all. I mean, something, a sidequest dedicated to them, anything would be nice.

One of my biggest problems is Team Plasma. I like their new uniforms, I like Ghetsis's new look, I like their ship, I like Zinzolin, but I found their impact on the plot really screwed up. For the first 3/4 of the game or something, they just show up randomly, and it's like "Zomg Team Plasma GO GET THEM". They're seriously just wandering around for most of the game. I know that they're looking for the DNA splicers, but that just seems like a drawn out excuse to me.

Continuing on Team Plasma and Kyurem, Black/White Kyurem has almost no impact on the plot. Sure, it's powerful, and it inspired Team Plasma to steal the DNA's created after N shows up, you fight it in a lame battle, and then it's just gone. That's it. I really think that the plot should have continued after the fusion, which would fix this, as well as N's lack of involvement.

More bitching about this subject. Contrary to what we were brought to believe prior to game release, Unova is not covered in ice. Opelucid City gets frozen, but that's it. This was quite disappointing, as I would quite liked to have explored Frozen Unova. This is another reason I think the Team Plasma plot should have been extended. If Black/White Kyurem managed to freeze over Unova, it would make N more significant, it would make said version mascots much more significant, and we would get to explore an icy Unova. Sadly, Game Freak didn't think that way....

Now onto the N problem I've mentioned. You hear N in Chargestone Cave for no apparent reason then to add a touch of mystery, but he doesn't do anything until the end of the game. He's frequently mentioned, at least....and his only plot contribution, which is to save the player from Kyurem's Glaciate, it seems incredibly forced. I really wanted N to do more in this game, since, in my opinion, he's the most notable Pokemon character ever. The N's Castle post game thing is pretty cool, though, I enjoyed exploring the ruins of his castle, and battling him.

I might have forgot a few things, and I might edit them in if I remember. So yeah, BW2's plot has some pretty glaring faults, but I still enjoyed it. Damn good game, imo. I couldn't help but notice a few things that hint at an eventual continuation of this plot. I kinda hope that happens, not in a BW3, but in something else. Maybe a game in Generation 6 can continue on it, who knows?

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  1. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
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    I would agree on most of the stuff you mentioned. I think N couldve done more. I also got fairly annoyed with Hugh bringing up Purrloin all the time, although I thought it was good he had a real ambition, and the Musketeer trio just randomly appearing was a letdown too. I mean they randomly jump out and that's it. I think it definately couldve been better. Though I like what they did with Bianca and Cheren as well and the new gym leaders are cool.
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  2. Hidden Mew's Avatar
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    I agree. While there were some problems with the plot, N being considerably absent and not as much of Unova being frozen as the promotional images made it out to be, it's still a really enjoyable game. I liked that Hugh had a personal grudge against Team Plasma and it made sense that he'd be so focused on it considering that it happened when he was young. I didn't really like him, but I didn't dislike him. He was okay. I was also disappointed that the Musketeers didn't do much. I thought that they would have more of a role than they did as well. I don't know if I could see a continuation of this in the next generation, but that does sound pretty cool, so I wouldn't be against it.
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    Updated 1st November 2012 at 11:09 PM by Hidden Mew
  3. Kree's Avatar
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    I'm curious. What do you think about B/W's plot?
  4. UnovaCastaway's Avatar
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    After Hugh states the real reason why he's after that Purrloin, it all makes sense. Major sentimental value.

    I liked Bianca and Cheren already, but these games gave me more respect for them. I love that Bianca's still indecisive about what she wants to do in the long run and that Cheren is still interested in strength (albeit a different kind). Those are their personalities.

    After seeing some random screenshots, I agree that the Musketeers should have had an even bigger role. You get that one scene with Cobalion north of Driftveil and then they just appear catchable out of nowhere on their routes. I like how Colress explains a little when you see Terrakion.

    Speaking of Colress, I find him to be a really interesting character. He's pretty amicable for the most part, and I love his sprite animations. It's interesting that he was in Plasma only to do scientific research instead of take over the country, and that he actually helps the player sometimes. I haven't gotten to his part in the postgame yet (I'm in Nacrene right now), but he seems to be one of the most chill "antagonists" out there.

    I agree that Anthea and Concordia needed more screen time AGAIN. You get that extra backstory about them being orphans babysitting N, and that's about it. I thought they homeschooled him, but it turned out the sages did. Why did Ghetsis raise a few orphans, anyway? (besides trying to get a "pure" person to revive the dragon because he couldn't do it himself)

    I also thought N showed up a little too late in the story, but when he finally did, it was a testament to his phenomenal character development. Love that he finally stays for the rest of the game and gives more backstory. As an N fan, I don't mind if they cameo him in future generations, a la Cynthia.

    I thought BW had the better plot "buildup" because the climactic moment happens right before the credits. After BW2's plot turning point, it seemed a little dull (gather items! catch Pokemon! the maze before Victory Road!), but the whole story and postgame tie up more loose ends (but not all). The whole Gen V saga hinges on the Reshiram-Zekrom battle, and BW2's theme of "resonance" is about what happened two years afterward and how Team Plasma regrouped. BW2 has a lot more content and better execution, though. (anything's better than the Black City/ White Forest mess with Entralinking)
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  5. crystallineEntropy's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kree
    I'm curious. What do you think about B/W's plot?
    After re reading parts of it on Bulbapedia, I've come to determine that it's serperior to BW2's plot. Team Plasma, although still not doing much productive for a while in the game, at least were doing something besides randomly appearing. N obviously played a bigger role in the plot, but obviously I like nice N a whole lot more than "evil" N. I found the plot as a whole a bit better written, though honestly I enjoyed BW2's plot about just as much, despite its arguably bigger faults.

    BW2 has its perks plot wise, of course. For one, Team Plasma has notable members besides Ghetsis, N (BW1), and the Shadow Triad. The Seven Sages I found a little boring in BW1; they did a good amount as a whole, but compared to admins of another villainous teams, I found them incredibly forgettable individually. BW2 fixed this by giving Zinzolin a big role, adding Colress, and giving the Shadow Triad a bigger role.

    To sum up, I think BW1 has a better plot then BW2 for the most part, though they both have their pros and cons.
  6. Karamazov's Avatar
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    I prefer BW2's plot, because it feels more fun, action-packed and enticing. I just wish the majority of if didn't happen until near the end of the game - it should have been spread out more.


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