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Beat White 2

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I beat White 2 today! It was a really fun game in my opinion, better than the original Black/White.

My end team was:

Samurott (Tidell)
-Ice Beam
-Aqua Jet

Flareon (Brenbren)
~Flash Fire
-Will o wisp

Reuniclus (Blobert)
~Magic Guard
-Hidden Power (Fighting) (60 or 70 Power)
-Shadow Ball

Ditto (Metamold)

Seviper (Vampray)
~Shed Skin

Eelektross (Thunter)
-Drain Punch
-Thunder Wave

Pretty slow team, but it was a fairly easy playthrough. Also, Imposter Ditto is a blast.

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Updated 13th October 2012 at 10:06 PM by Neosquid



  1. Kouzan's Avatar
    I could never understand how quickly some people can finish Pokemon games. I still don't have it yet.

    Interesting team by the way.


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