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Why are people so ignorant?

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As I have stated before, just last summer I was diagnosed with Aspurgers, I never really cared much about how it affected me, because I knew that I was still myself, and that my friends would still accept me. However, it has recently come to my attention the large amounts of prejudice and hate that people like me must endure.

For those of you unaware of aspurgers, it is a mental condition associated with autism, which, as most of you know, is the subject of harassment in the social environment. (If you watched the news back in late December, you know that the student that committed the sandy hook shooting was an Aspie). The effects of Aspurgers are basicly that it makes you super intelligent and creative, in exchange for lack of empathy and social skills (Which means you will usally be a loner with few friends, most of them are also mentally disabled in some why too), this lack of social skills makes you come off as an asshole who only cares about himself, but as my friends can attest, we are not like that at all once you get to know us, unfortunetly, this is something the internet has not picked up on. Another reason Aspurgers is so detested is because it is a common excuse for someone who has been acting like a D-bag over the internet, basically soiling any sort of empathy for those who genuinely have the disorder.

I play a lot of TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town, a Garry's Mod gametype), and mostly it's just a good expirience, but just an hour ago I hooked up to a server and started playing, there was a user called Vexxy, and for the most part, he was fine, untill about 30 minutes after I joined when he started spouting the word "Retard" all over the place, I politely asked him to stop, but of course, this being the internet, he responded as such: "Go suck a dick you retard", and then I called him out as an ignorant jerk, then for the next 30 minutes or so, he rants on about how I am so inferior, not a real person and that I should've been aborted, which pissed me off so much because it's not like he was any better than me in the regard he was saying so many ignorant and prejudiced things.

then he goes on the ask me if I'm going to shoot up a school (Making fun of the Sandy hook shooting), and me, being royally pissed and at my breaking point, inform him that the reason that whole shooting started was because ignorant, crass f**ks like him were harassing and making fun of that person, which caused him to shoot up the school (It's not just SH, if that was the case, but it was also Columbine, and a bunch of other shootings)
After the whole thing was over, I was just shocked, how could people be so ignorant and blind to think that people like us are not real people and that we are a waste of society, because we are not, we are normal people just trying to have a chance to fit in and belong, but people like him keep shutting us out. It's despicable, how have we as a society fallen this low where we shun others for being different and fail to understand that we are just as capable and human as anyone else.

I just want a time to come where we could all just come together and understand each other, to realize that we all have flaws and that is what makes us human, that no one in this world is better or lower than each other.

For anyone who does not understand what we go though, this is but a small sample of the hate and spite that is cast unto us, and if you are someone who says or thinks these things, please try to understand, we are just as capable as any other person, and that all we want is to fit in, and have friends, and live in world where we can all understand each other.

Thank you for listening to me, and let's all do our part to make this world a better place to live for all of us.

About SoZ: I'm sorry to anyone who has been waiting for the next chapter, I've been having a rough few months, and I haven't been able to write much, I promise that Chapter 6 will be out sometime before Feb. 1.


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  1. FullMetal's Avatar
    In my experience, unless someone has a medical problem, they for the most part don't understand.
  2. Niji's Avatar
    This is a reason why I hate people.


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