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More SoZ delays... woo.

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by , 10th February 2013 at 11:33 AM (1796 Views)
Hi everybody, I know I said in my previous blog that chapter 6 of Shadow of Zoroark would be up by the 1st, but, apparently, fate decided that plan was too easy, and instead decided to corrupt all my files, including the outlines and information of both my main page in Writers workshop AND all my stuff for my upcoming Author's atlas page

While I DID manage to recover Chapters 1-5 (Not that it matters, I could've just copy-pasted it into new word documents), Chapter 6 (22 pages, 9000+ words on 52 MB) and everything else is completely Unsalvageable. I've tried everything but there's nothing I can find that can fix the problem documents, so, unfortunately, not only will I have to delete my old page and start a new one because of all the corrupted data, but I'll also have to rewrite Chapter 6 entirely, as well as rewrite all my character and location bios...

Well, hopefully I can get my s**t back together by the end of the month, but I have doubts considering that:

A) My USB that used to hold all my documents so I could work on it at school and at home is what got corrupted and it's trashed completely.

B) Considering my string of bad luck since December, it's going to be REALLY hard getting motivated.

Anyways, I'll get down to remaking my main page and uploading the old chapters to that, and I'll also start up my AA page, both of which I'll give links to below once their up and ready to go.

Main story: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Shadow of Zoroark (Main story)


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