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Why is it . . .

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by , 9th January 2012 at 07:19 AM (291 Views)
That my favorite characters die in most of my favorite books? Happens in video games sometimes, too, but mostly books. It happened in the Harry Potter series, the Inkworld series (twice), the Once and Future King . . . I spend far too much time crying over the deaths of my favorite fictional characters.

I'm currently reading the last book in a series (I'll not say which one right now), and I'm almost afraid to finish it. Why? I think my favorite character is going to die . . . again. I can just feel it coming. I just don't see how they'll avoid killing him off.

On the off chance the author has mercy and me and doesn't kill him . . . I shall cry tears of joy. If the author decides to go the normal route . . . I'll just cry. T_T

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  1. Sleepless Nights's Avatar
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    it happens to me too all the time. i cried for weeks when Fred Wesley died ;w;
    but at least in House of Night they usually come back to life lol
  2. Nour386's Avatar
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    read/watch (the TV series) oliver twist get attached to Nancy watch her brutally killed by bill. :*(
  3. TheMissingno.'s Avatar
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    They do it on purpose. They always kill a very likable character.


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