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My Pokemon Nicknames (LeafGreen)

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Continuing my series regarding nicknames, here are my current names from my LeafGreen version. Yes, I get both games of every region/generation. I'm terrible, I know. XD

Kudzu the Venusaur (Male):
Yep. Named after that crazy vine that's taking over gardens. I don't know. I think it sounds kind of cool.

Zipper the Raticate (Male):
More Rattata/Raticate name failure. I was just thinking of speed. That's pretty much it.

Talon the Fearow (Male):
I'm not good with Spearow/Fearow names, either. I went with a basic claw-related name.

T-Storm the Raichu (Female):
Raichu continues to not do cute. At the time I caught it as a Pikachu, there was a thunderstorm warning. Of course, the television abbreviates this as "T-Storm Warning". A nickname is born.

Rosethorn the Nidoqueen (Female, surprise!):
"Beautiful things can be painful~" To quote the anime. Something that's feminine, yet not sissy.

Sugarcane the Clefable (Female):
I continue to name pink, cute normal types after sweets. I wanted something to complement my Wigglytuff in FireRed. This is the name that came to mind.

Acacia the Sandslash (Female):
It's a type of tree that usually has thorns, so it's good for a Pokemon covered in spikes. Plus, its still feminine.

Cupid the Victreebel (Male):
This is a little roundabout. Bellsprout makes me thing of Venus Flytraps. "Venus" is a name for the Roman goddess of love. But this Bellsprout was male . . . so I named it after a male god/angel of love instead.

Felidae the Persian (Female):
The family name of the cat family. Again, I do love scientific names.

Slumber the Hypno (Female):
Obvious name is obvious. I don't care much for this one, to be honest.

Shrewmouse the Dugtrio (Female):
Another name for shrews, tiny burrowing mammals. I didn't want name it just "Shrew" because it's a girl and that could be taken the wrong way.

Headlock the Machamp (Male):
Wrestling move! Not particularly creative, but highly suitable.

Agate the Onix (Female):
This is another Pokemon I have trouble with. I went with a simple stone-based name.

Izuna the Ninetales (Female):
I heard about this in the anime xxxHolic. Its a fox-sorcery cult (I didn't research it a lot). But I liked the name and immediately wanted to use it for a Ninetales.

Jupiter the Jolteon (Male):
Named after the Roman king of the gods. Known for throwing thunderbolts.

Kiwi the Dodrio (Male):
Named after the little flightless bird, not the fruit.

Stampede the Rhydon (Female):
Well, it is something she's likely to do after all.

Matador the Tauros (Male):
Yes. I named a bull Pokemon Matador. Because the bull's gonna turn on you for taunting it.

Vista the Porygon2:
Windows Vista, because it's a computer program. It was pretty spur of the moment. I like it, though.

Amazon the Pinsir (Female):
After the warrior women. Because this is a tough, muscular lady.

Gingersnap the Kingler (Female):
I wanted to name it "Cookie" because of the anime. But I figured everyone did that. So I thought I'd name it after the sound its claws make. What happens? I end up naming it something that references both. One of my favorite names.

Wollywog the Poliwrath (Male):
Pikmin reference. I really like this name, though.

Precious the Starmie:
My preciousssss. It does sort of have ring in the middle.

Sorbet the Lapras (Male):
I was going to use this name for a different Pokemon, but I changed my mind. I still liked the name, though, so I decided to use it here. Lapras is an ice type after all.

I hope you guys enjoyed these! =3 I welcome any and all comments (and if you want to share your names with me)!

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