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Mission Accomplished

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by , 26th December 2011 at 05:30 PM (219 Views)
So, I confronted my crazy Ex Girlfriend that I told you about in my last blog.

The Good Outcomes of the Confrontation

*She doesn't like me anymore .
*She will be no longer giving me the whole "Why Can't We Get Back Together?" talk.
*She won't be obsessing over me anymore.

Bad and Neutral Outcomes

*She hates my guts.
*I'm pretty sure she is slandering my name at this moment.
*She is probably in all likeliness plotting to kill me one day
*When I confronted her she gave me the mother of all unholy Crazy Bitch fits.

Now I can finally remove the chain that has been strangling my neck tying me down and say "I'm Free!"

And walk into the New Year as a new man.
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    I loved the "the mother of all unholy crazy bitch fit"

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