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Welcome to my Castle of Storms

  1. Mission Accomplished

    So, I confronted my crazy Ex Girlfriend that I told you about in my last blog.

    The Good Outcomes of the Confrontation

    *She doesn't like me anymore .
    *She will be no longer giving me the whole "Why Can't We Get Back Together?" talk.
    *She won't be obsessing over me anymore.

    Bad and Neutral Outcomes

    *She hates my guts.
    *I'm pretty sure she is slandering my name at this moment.
    *She is probably in all ...
  2. Old Vendettas

    It is truly amazing how even the oldest of vendettas can pop up regardless of what season or holiday it is.

    How it can haunt and stalk you throughout your every move, not bound to mere shadows and often effecting you in broad daylight.

    It is also the worst kind of old vendetta when you know that you were solely responsible for the correlation of events that caused the issue that is plaguing you.

    I have a problem Bulbagarden. I, quite simply, have a crazy ...
  3. Personas

    After you traverse digital forums long enough you begin to form a persona, a mask of yourself that you wear for whatever reason.

    You may even change persona often as I have done in the past.

    In the end however do you wear the mask or does the mask wear you?

    You begin to forget what you looked like under the mask, you lose the ability to reconstruct the fragments of your old personality for it is shattered irreparably like glass.

    For you
  4. One by One the Dominoes Fall

    Today instead of the usual squabble and ramble of illusions and perceptions I am going back to my roots.

    Today I shall discuss my idea that I have been pondering in my head for quite a while.

    Imagine stacking dominoes side by side until it is a long trail of dominoes all ready to fall, all it needs is that one... push. Now try to apply that to daily life.

    Imagine everything we do, everything we dream, every thought that has ever prospered and took refuge
  5. Dates, Society, and Illusions

    Tell me what differs Monday from Tuesday or Wednesday from Friday. It is amazing how much of our daily life is constricted by the illusion of dates and times. It is like thousands of tiny lines we abide to every day of our life.

    We are constricted, constrained, and controlled often by the normalcy bias of society. If I want to learn a beautiful piece of music at 3 AM in the morning and I don't awake others tell me what is so different about if if I would of learned it at 3 PM. It

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