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  1. Second Bulbaversary

    Today marks my second Bulbaversary. A lot of stuff went on since the last one; became a Bulbapedia J. Admin, for starters. I'd like to give individual thanks for some people, but this blog post would be too long/I may be too lazy to make a list/etc. In the end, I decided to give out a generic thanks to everyone. You all deserve it. *hugs*

    As for further news, my brother has moved out. He took most of his stuff with him, and I helped pack the moving truck. What used to be his room ...

    Updated 1st December 2014 at 11:32 PM by Berrenta

  2. Mega Freakin' Rayquaza.

    A rant from Pork T.
  3. This thing.

    This is weird. It's a rotating head. In what situation would one need to use a smilie of a had slowly oscillating.
    I need to show that I am extra happy, so instead of a normal smiley face, I will use a spinning smiley face.
    Is or not good enough? This is really insignificant, but I find it odd.
  4. Sapphire Nuzlocke - Part 25: Flight Preparations!

    What do I do in this episode? Mainly, take care of stuff in preparation for my upcoming battle against Winona! (Don't worry, I didn't screw up the audio this time.)

  5. So Now that NPCs Help You with Backtracking...

    ...can we PLEASE not have linear region design anymore? The "players can get lost" excuse doesn't work anymore now that that's a thing. And if they give you the choice not to follow them it actually serves as a decent compromise, older players can simply say no and explore the region themselves without being subjected to the handholding that has plagued recent games.
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