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Savi's wild new years eve night! Read on.

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Shots shots shots shots shots shots, shots shots shots shots shots, shots shots shots shots shots, every Savi!

Hello my little lovebugs, I'll do my best to recite my wild night as best I can. Stay tuned because I can assure you it ventures entertainment for all ;).

9:00PM. Had about 3 drinks in hand, all Midori mixed. Passionfruit + Illusion + Midori. Quite possibly the most tastiest drink in the world, aside from Baileys which I had 4 shots of straight after those 3. I was tipsy by the end of the shots, and by the end of all these drinks it was time to order food.

10.30PM. Had sent the boys down to McDonalds to get a lot of food, cost about $180 for all of us, there would have been about 26 in total. Ended up only eating minimal amounts and giving the remainders to bell boys/lobby assistants and people like Estoban from the Suite life of Zac and Cody. He was pretty sweet!

11:00PM. Decided we'd head down to the river to watch the fireworks, was on my 11th drink by this time. We went to a club for the first half hour in which I got into a fight with a girl who tried to makeout with my friends boyfriend. I punched her, she pushed me against her pole and broke my arm, so I kicked her in the thigh and thus started the screaming. I can remember her screaming, it sounded like a retarded Dolphin eating noodles on the side of the road in busy traffic. I don't remember being taken from the club, but I think my friends took me out before I could have been kicked out.

12:00PM. HAPPY NEW YEARS, BITCHES. By this time someone was holding my hair as I threw up into the river, just sharing a bit of me with the world as I'd like to call it. ;) ;) I did get a few new years kisses, but none with anyone special or in particular. I would have rather having a boyfriend, but ay, shit happens!

2:00AM. Finally got back to the hotel after walking for 2 or so hours, went up to drink more. Passed out a few times, threw up, got a massage from some random.

5:00AM. After finishing ALL of the drinks, I decided it was time for bed. I was very reluctant though, of course.

9:00AM. Woke up. I needed to leave the hotel by 11:00AM. I didn't drive because I was extremely hung over, hungry, and tired. So I let my sister drive my car. Other than that I was wondering why the hell I had a cast around my arm, it's broken. Kind of painful to type but eh I'll live.

So how was your new years?


So how many drinks did you have, in total?

See I'll have to add this up, so bare with me! I had 6 Midori mixed's in total, 4 Baileys shots, 3 bottles of Smirnoff ice, 2 Vodka + lemonades, 2 Long Island Iced Teas, 3 Vodka shots, and 4 Double Blacks.

I guess you could say I got pretty wasted. Fuck. And yes, I don't get drunk often.

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  1. Tophat Dragoneye's Avatar
    Sorry to hear your arm got broken, though it seems you had a good time, anyway.

    For me, the new year was spent with my family and a friend of ours. We ate various meat from a electric raclette grill which I might add, was great. I don't drink alcohol myself, but I tried tasting some white vine and cherry wine. None of it tasted well for me.

    I also managed to make my older brother see a clip of Star Wars Kinect Galactic Dance-off with Darth Vader and the Sith Lord himself, despite him constantly saying no to see that.

    After it became new year, we all went outside to fire some firework and a few hours later, the guests went home and I went to bed, but holy (bleep) am I tired today! But I had a great time and that is what is important.
  2. Cleffa's Avatar
    Oh jesus I am super tired too. Glad to hear I'm not the only one!!
  3. Tophat Dragoneye's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Savi
    Oh jesus I am super tired too. Glad to hear I'm not the only one!!
    I think it's normal being super tired after new year. Hope your arm gets better, Savi :)


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