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Savi's Guides: Eating Healthy!

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Eating healthy. Lots of people hate it, lots of people love it, and some people avoid it. Eating healthy should never be a chore, but something that you do on a day to day basis to keep your health up. Healthy people are happy people. There is nothing wrong with giving your body an extra Litre of water to flush toxins out, or eating an extra carrot, just because. I love eating fruits, but they aren't the healthiest food of all.

Carotenoids will be your best friends. They help aid in reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease, and many other problems which many people encounter. These are found in Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Papaya, and even Tomatoes. There is also a link between these and reducing the risk of vision loss/blindness in elder people!

Folic Acid is a good source of nutrients, which is needed in every day life. Though these beautiful little nutrients aren't found in the nicest of foods. You can get these in Asparagus, Broccoli, Avacado, and Cauliflower. There are many more, but these would be some of the most Folic Acid rich foods. Folic Acid aids in preventing Birth defects which is important for women who are tryinng to get pregnant, and a lack of these nutrients can even lead to depression in some cases.

Antioxidants are basically what makes up health. You eat them nearly every day if you aren't consuming fatty foods such as McDonalds as a breakfast/lunch/tea, or KFC. They are found in nearly all fruit, if not all, and vegetables. They are extremely helpful in aiding the immune system, and much more.

Eating healthy provides your every day life with the things you need to get through each day. I am an avid healthy eater, I live off nuts, fruits, vegetables and seared chicken. I love Caesar salads and I cut out the meat if I can help it. I do not eat red meats, though I should probably start, my body just doesn't accept them, or like them. Salads are extremely healthy and they don't have to be boring! So many people complain that they are tasteless and extremely annoying to eat. You obviously haven't come across a Caesar salad.

Caesar salad's are quite healthy, they have Lettuce, Egg, Bacon, Parmesan Cheese, Chicken, and a Caesar salad dressing. You can also take things out and add them, but that is probably the most traditional version of a Caesar salad I've ever had. They're delicious and so nice to eat!

Water is a big must when eating healthy. I occasionally have a Pepsi Max if I want to mix it up, but water is essential to me and I drink about 10 cups a day. I've heard it makes your eyes brighter, though, I'm not entirely sure on that one! Though the perks of drinking water are so much greater than any healthy eating! Water flushes out your toxins, helps your kidneys, your overall appearance, and your bodily function. Think of your body like a car. Water is the petrol. It needs it to run!

Other than healthy eating, to continue to aid your body in being healthy, you should consider lots of cardio and exercise. Cardio is a great way to keep in shape, and not to mention, it's fun.

:3 thanks, xo Savi. If you have any questions then just ask! ^_^

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  1. Pandantic's Avatar
    Wow, keep up the good work! This is very well written and your ideas are refreshingly spontaneous. Though, I do question the healthiness of Caesar Salad. Dressings are usually high in salt, fat and sugar and bacon is a good source of energy but very high in fat. Lettuce has little going for it nutritionally, and that's one of the core ingredients. Caesar Salads certainly are delicious, but I would recommend it as the kind of thing to get when you go to a restaurant if you want something that's tasty and a slightly healthier alternative.
  2. Cleffa's Avatar

    Aw thank you for the review! Yeah I totally agree, I like to advise people to add or take things from a Caesar salad depending on if you're looking for a light meal or something to fill you up! It's obviously arguable that it's a healthy salad, but if you change a few things, take the dressing off, you could have a healthy salad :'). I have them at restaurants and sometimes for tea, dependant on what I've had for the entire day!


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