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Savi's Guides: Being Charitable!!

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Hi all, another guide here. This time it's for those wanting to do good things for the community you live in, or even stretch out and do something for your country, or earth. No matter how big or small, following these guide lines could help you!

1# Always be open-minded. Going to pick up rubbish isn't always a bad thing, it helps clean the environment you live in, and even though it's a small task, it definitely helps in the long run. You could also volunteer at a local animal shelter or St Vincent DePaul's for those who live in Australia, anywhere in which you can help the homeless and poor. You could even volunteer in a soup kitchen. None of these sound like great jobs (well, the animal shelter one sounds so fun!!), but they help and your help goes a long way and is definitely appreciated from all people involved!

2# Feel generous. The people who have nothing are usually the most grateful, so when you donate food or drinks to the homeless shelters, they are always exceedingly appreciative. I know I love the feeling of knowing that I've helped someone, so trust me when I say that giving always gives you an amazing sense of heroism and self gratitude. Just try to put yourself in their shoes, it may seem hard because a lot of us are so well off, even if it doesn't seem like it.

3# Donations go a long way. If each person in the world gave $1 to a cause, that cause would have approximately $7,000,000,000! That is quite amazing when you think about it, but the fact is that wouldn't happen because not everyone has $1 to spare. That's why charities are so ample and willing to give those who do need money, necessities in which they need to keep living. Everyone deserves a chance to live, and it's so sad that a lot of people aren't able to, fully, because of restrictions such as money and general living needs. If you ever go into a supermarket/grocery store/walmart (lol), if you have any spare change then make sure you put it into those little plastic boxes which they usually have at the front of the stores, it helps even if it's only 15 cents or something.

4# Adopt. This one is debatable, however, I do like the idea of going to RSPCA's or Welfare Leagues and giving animals a second chance at life. I know for a fact that the animals get put down if they're becoming low on space and they've been there for a while, and the reality is quite upsetting. So if you're thinking of buying a new puppy, maybe just take a look down at the animal shelters because the truth is, people with puppies will find homes, but these dogs in the shelters have been given up from their homes. They've been handed in because they've been undernourished, hurt, homeless, or just because their owners cannot simply have them any more. I honestly hate the outcome of what happens to these animals, and all my dogs have come from shelters. As puppies. They were abandoned and I got them in pairs so they wouldn't have to leave each other initially. Best decision of my life so far. They're the cutest things, I'm so glad I picked them, I paid less than $300 for each of them despite them being purebreds. It's just incredible that someone could abandon these little angels.

Hi5 for adopting 2 huskies, mum!

5# Be positive. This isn't really being charitable, BUT, it's being helpful. At work I see so much negativity because most of the people are so sick or ill, or hurt, and it's a time for grieving but as a nurse it's my job to assure them that they are getting amazing care, and anything they need I will try to assist with. Even little things like getting the patients family a coffee or something to read, or my patients something to cuddle to sleep. It's just little, tiny things that help them get through every day. A smile goes a long, long way, just by smiling at someone you can brighten their day 10 fold. It's not arguable, I know for a fact that being positive has an amazing effect on your life, and the people around you.

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  1. Niji's Avatar
    Meh heh, the little doggie. Good for you for posting this. Helping others really is something most of us should do more of. I try to make some donations when I can, and all four of my dogs are rescues.
  2. Cleffa's Avatar

    I have 2 pomeranians and 2 siberian huskies, all from shelters. :) I'm so glad I got them, they were all quite young when I got them so I was lucky that they got to grow up with each other. Yeah I totally agree, my friend had a bikini car wash for SIDS because her little brother died from it, but I think more people should be spontaneous with this sort of stuff ^^;
  3. Niji's Avatar
    Yeah, things like that are great things to do. Right now I have three dachshunds and one dachshund/Labrador mix.
  4. Cleffa's Avatar

    Awwh, they sound so cute. Wow that mix hahaha sounds so odd! But I bet it's cute. I heard they're quite nippy dogs so I stayed away from them, but I love the one on Peter Alexander bags (She's a Dachshund called Penny) and she's so cute.
  5. Niji's Avatar
    Yeah, he's adorable. You're right to avoid them, they think they're about ten times they're size so they'll take anything on, and they have no desire to please their people.
  6. Cleffa's Avatar

    Aw :D the only problem I have with mine are the two siberians howl a lot! even though it's super cute, they do it when i'm sleeping x_x; and my sisters adore all 4 of them so they're never ever bored or unentertained hahaha.
  7. Niji's Avatar
    My dogs howl every time my parents leave the house and I can never get them to stop.
  8. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    I adopted my kitty from a shelter I volunteer at. I would not buy a pet, only adopt them. Those cats and dogs just want homes with people that care about them. Adopting pets is a great thing :) I love huskies, they're so pretty
  9. Cleffa's Avatar

    Yuuup, They're gorgeous dogs! and I guess it's a good thing the welfare league near my house charges, as if they were free anyone would take them for things like dog fights, etc.


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