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A Great Accomplishment

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by , 10th January 2012 at 09:57 PM (278 Views)
Today, I've just learn how to play the opening riff to "Spirit of Radio" by Rush on guitar, and with no intentions of actually trying to learn how to play it. On Sunday, I was just watching Rock Band Pro-Guitar videos of the song and just happened to catch a glimpse of the tabs to the opening riff. The next day, in my high school's guitar class, I've just decided to just play the tabs I memorized, and it sounds exactly like the song! I went home after school to find the rest of the tabs to the song to actually see what they are on the internet. And now, I can actually play opening riff to "Spirit of Radio" the rest of the song, well I'm working on that.

Man, who knew that a few simple notes can sound so complex.


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  1. Insanish Danish's Avatar
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    That's one of my favorite songs!
  2. VanManner's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insanish Danish
    That's one of my favorite songs!
    Yeah, the chorus to that song is the best thing ever imo.


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