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Went back to TRF today.

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by , 23rd November 2012 at 10:57 PM (212 Views)
So again I went to the festival. Wasn't for long but it was long enough to get a bow. So I figured I would post some of them here.

So that is just the main bow, nothing fancy.

That is me holding it. Again nothing fancy.

Same as above.

This is me drawing the bow. A bit fancier.

This is the arrow for it. I have 6 of them total.

And this is a armguard I got. Front side.

Same as above. Back side.

So yeah I got a fancy new bow. Looking at a knife next. It is a Longbow, as you have probably seen. It is a 32 inch 50 pound draw weight. So yeah fancy.

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  1. Orion's Avatar
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    If you're getting a knife, stay away from the black steel ones. I don't think they're as durable as normal ones.
  2. Master Mew's Avatar
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    Awesome! I LOVE Renn-fest!


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