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Platinum Monocolor Update 1. Starter-Jubilife

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So I started the monocolor challenge, you can see my last blog post for more info. I started out and named my rival Buoy @Buoy;), and already owe him millions of dollars :P. So Buoy wanted to run through the grass but Professor Rowan had to stop him, naughty Buoy. Blah blah Professor Rowan asks questions blah blah. I pick Turtwig, and Buoy picks Chimchar :/. "Buoy Challenges you to a battle" ("Chimchar uses leer" "Turtwig uses Tackle")(x3) ("Chimchar uses Scratch" Turtwig uses Tackle")(x2) Turtwig leveled up! "Soul received a pair of Running Shoes!" Buoy suggests we go and catch the Legendary at Lake Verity. We wonder what's going on with the strange man at the lake, he says he name is Cyrus. Buoy remembers we don't have any Poke Balls so he suggests we go to Professor Rowan and ask for some. I find a Starly and fight it, but I can't catch it :(. And a Bidoof, though I grew a level after Bidoof. Dawn takes me to the professor, and Buoy smacks right into me >:(. The professor asks me if I want to give a nickname to Turtwig so I name Turtwig Sunburn @Sunburn;). He asks me to help with the Pokedex Project and oh course I say yes. Dawn says she has a Piplup. Professor Rowan gives me TM27, Return. Dawn shows me around the town. I buy some Poke Balls and go back to my home to tell my mom that I am going on a journey. I am given the Journal, ad then Buoy's mom comes and says that Buoy has forgotten something and I am asked to deliver it to him. I go to Route 202 and Dawn shows me how to catch a Pokemon, not that I don't know :/. I go along Route 202 and fight a few trainers. I go to Jubilife City and Dawn and myself meet Looker, he gives the 2 of the VS. Recorder. I go and give Buoy the parcel. It has 2 Town Maps and he gives me one of them, at least he is that considerate. I leave the Trainer's School and the President of the Poketch Company tells me of the promotion they are doing and I go around to the clowns and answer the questions and get the Poketch. After that I go to the Pokemon Center and heal up.

That is all for now so see you next time. I AM STILL LOOKING FOR PEOPLE TO NAME STUFF AFTER. And remember to mention me when you ask for a name.

Sunburn Level 9. (Turtwig. Male)

PC: None

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  1. Kagerou's Avatar
    This journey will forever be entertaining. Buoy as a rival is pure genius.
  2. Buoy's Avatar
    WOO. I will be the best rival you ever did see!
  3. Pain Split's Avatar
    @Soulmaster; Next Pokémon will be named after me right?
  4. Soulmaster's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by User_Name
    @Soulmaster; Next Pokémon will be named after me right?
    And so it will be. You shall be a Budew. As that will be the next one I can catch.
  5. Pain Split's Avatar
    You'll train me, right @Soulmaster;?
  6. Soulmaster's Avatar
    Yup I most certainly will @User_Name;


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