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Past Week

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by , 26th March 2013 at 02:41 PM (173 Views)
Been a bit and this past week has been busy so here goes me talking about my life again; feel free to skip whatever.

So this past week has just had a butt-load of stuff going on. One I've been packing stuff up as we are (hopefully) moving in about a month I'm getting an early start on packing. Two my church's Passion Play has been in overdrive getting ready for the performance, which is tonight, so yeah all day Sunday and half of Saturday up there at Church, looong days. Now this past Saturday was Aggiecon and I went with my family, only went to the Dealer's Room as it was the only free spot but hopefully in a few years I will be able to go to the whole thing. And also school but who cares about that. It doesn't help that recently I've been having trouble sleeping and have only gotten 3-5 hours each night, for the past 2 probably 5 between both of them, not fun.

So yeah that has been my life. Oh and I also managed to get my first Freebird Aluminum Foil Animal together, It is a Bunny/Pikachu, roughly the same thing. and yes I know it has no tail.

And a bit late but you can go ahead and ask me anything.

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    Nice Pikachu, pal! :-O


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