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Next AC blog.

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by , 21st June 2013 at 02:26 PM (895 Views)
So yeah. Made progress. Garden shop is open, first expansion about to be paid in full, visited people, have a fair bit of monies, so yeah, fun.

Like my Town Hall? I sure hope so. Which you had better know what that flag is! if not, well don't let me visit your town ;)

Me in front of Jasperon's Town Hall

I caught a Coelacanth, but we DCed and I lost it :'(

So do you @Stahl;?

Truer words haven't been spoken.

Enjoying the flowers is Moscow.

Moscow's Town Hall.

Um, @Zeb;'s Town Hall. I don't remember the name.

And me with said person., no I'm not.

Probably not...

Oh if you insist go right ahead.

They think I'm suicidal but I just think the water looks good.

@zima; @Harpy; and my best catch from the Island. Oak Silk Moth for Zima, Golden Stag for Harpy, and Goliath Beetle for me.

And the three of us outside of SoulCity's Town Hall.

If you want to visit SoulCity just let me know.

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  1. Midorikawa's Avatar
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    @Soulmaster; that's the Golden Stag in my hand which was my most expensive. Trying to deny my glory of catching it are we due to jealousy ;)
  2. Soulmaster's Avatar
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    @Harpy; Oh yeah that's right. No I just forgot what it was and the one I said was the one that looked closest to it in my Encyclopedia. But yeah that was it, let me edit as such.


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