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New Challenge

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So some of you might remember that I did a Nuzlocke Challenge on Platinum a while ago, and that it fell right on its face after a while. Well I found another challenge, a Monocolor challenge. You are only allowed to use Pokemon of a certain color. So by the almighty die it was decided that I would do a Green challenge on Platinum. So I am only allowed to use these Pokemon. I will be posting updates when I think enough has happened. They will be like my past updates so expect one every day or so. Now I will be naming the Pokemon after people here so first person to comment gets my starter(Tirtwig) named after them. If you would like a certain Green Pokemon to be named after you go ahead and say so but if you just don't care and want one just comment saying so. And you must mention me in the comment or it won't count.

And speaking of mentions I still need the masses of them, quotes too. So get busy people I'm only at 543.

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  1. Sunburn's Avatar
    Sorry @Soulmaster;, I'll try to mention more often :P I've been slacking off my duties, lol.

    You can name Turtwig after any of my names, I don't mind which :P Simon, Sunburn, Andrew, whatever.
  2. Soulmaster's Avatar
    Really people of Bulbagarden? I had more faith in you.


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