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I'm baaack. And 2nd Bulbaversary

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by , 17th December 2013 at 01:42 AM (843 Views)
And this will barely be read as I am posting it 1 am my time. Oh well.

So as you have noticed(at least hopefully noticed) I have been absent this past month(bit over actually). Well that is because I was moving houses, and without internet for the time. I managed to get on some at school but not a lot. So yeah, this is what I’ve been up to this past month. Note I wrote September at the start of October, so some of what is in there might be irrelevant. And the October part at the start of November.

Well soon off after I left, I was busy with school, a theme that is mostly present throughout the entire month. First couple weeks were hard but they were still fun. I joined in the Pro-Life Club at school(run a good friend of mine, at least friend), joined the Theatre Part, we’re putting on Alice Down the Rabbit Hole so been busy with that, I’m on Props Crew(after not getting on for Lights or Sound, the stuff I actually know how to do), and joined Tiger Robotics, so been busy with that also(more on it later). So yeah, I also learnt I am really good at Counter Strike, a game I had never played before. I got back into Boy Scouts(I had mostly dropped off but got back in to actually finish my Eagle) and been busy with Church, which my Youth Minister is leaving on the 15th, don’t know who will replace him though, my sister did apply, no idea if she will get it. So yeah we got that.

Next come church stuff, my church festival happened the 29th of September, it was great. I am also a member of the Columbian Squires(former Chief Squire, the equivalent of President) and we worked the Ring-A-Drink game(you toss a ring onto a 2-liter soda and if you make it you get to keep it). As well as, as(got enough as’s there?) Boy Scouts, we had a Paintball range(One of the Priest’s idea, if it wasn't would have never been approved), if you shot a 2-liter about 30 yards away you got one, only 2 people made it, and I was present for both. One person took 38 shots, but he finally made it, he was first; and then the said Priest made it first shot. I got extremely close, but no cigar. Though I didn’t actually work a single shift, I was just kinda there. Oh and with Ring-A-Drink, the Squires are for Boys ages 10-18, so when a girl started working there, at a Squires only booth, well let’s just say it wasn’t pretty for the one who let them in there. But yeah, even though it got rained out(over half the games didn't happen because the ground was a swamp) it was great. Over 67 thousand dollars were made on the live auction, no idea about the rest of the stuff though.
Oh and my sister with her friends came down then also, as the 29th was her birthday. I finally played Cards Against Humanity irl, was every bit as good as it is online, but people have to be more inappropriate, the said sister is a fairly appropriate one.

Now back to school. As some of you know this is my first year of public school, and high school at that. By far PIT(the tech class) is my favorite class, besides, we get to play games on Friday’s. And on Friday back a couple weeks ago there was a morning activity for the Juniors(11th) so instead of 45 minutes like the rest of the classes that day, we got over an hour in that class, so an hour of playing LoL and Counter Strike, best class ever. My next favorite class is World History. Though it is really annoying, we start way at the beginning(Sumerians, Mesopotamia, etc.) and all of the regions I know, because of a game called Civilization. So that has made me want to play the game badly, but we can’t as it is an all-day game(my family normally plays it on New Year’s Eve, all day, taking a break for the Ball Drop and if needed playing more on the Day). Though we have managed to cut it down by a few hours, it is still a long game. So we have that, we have started Greece and Rome, and I have to make a building thingy from them, still have to figure it out, me thinks a working aqueduct, but I’m not sure, please feel free to suggest other options. Then I also apparently have the worst teacher for Biology, but I actually know her so I haven’t had that much trouble, I think I have a B in the class. Then I still hate English, it makes no sense. I may have gotten into a small argument with the teacher(who is a newly-wed, ) about one thing that I did. Iirc I saw that only over here do we put punctuation inside of quotes(“Like so,”) if it isn’t part of the quote, but else where they do it outside if it isn’t part of the quote(“Like so”,) and well I did it like that so she counted off. I made the argument that that is like counting off if you put a “u” in “favourite” or “colour” but she didn’t agree. I’m of the mind that if it is part of the quote, than it goes inside, if it isn’t, than it shouldn’t. No matter what, inside quotation marks should be only quote, word for word, capital letter for capital letter, punctuation for punctuation. But yeah, she didn’t agree one bit at all, saying that in this class we teach “proper English”. So yes, Americanized English is “proper” big whoop, basically she told me to “screw your ways of thinking, that is correct and I don’t care about what you think.” We also finished reading To Kill A Mockingbird, still an eh book. So um I’m also taking Latin(Classical not Ecclesiastical), not having any trouble at it, even though it is said to be one of the hardest classes. I guess that this being a first-year teacher(who I half know) helps my case. Um Math is still as annoying as ever(Algebra II). Then Theatre is actually kinda fun, I watched Forrest Gump for the first time in it, and watched some of Reading Rainbow, a show I hadn’t seen in years. So yeah, school has been ok, not great but not terrible.

Now for extracurricular activities, namely Robotics, with a bit of theatre mixed in also. So I am on the Build team of Tiger Robotics, so we were brainstorming for forever. Just recently we started building. I am on a team working on building the course, and I’m actually observant. Also it feels strange, Robo is made up of mostly Asians/Middle Eastern people, not that I’m complaining, it just feels strange. So yeah, been having fun there, I get to use saws and other fun stuff, and I got a really good Pakistani meal(one of the parents for when we work late, Thursdays). So yeah, plenty of fun in Robo, competition should be in a couple weeks, don’t know the precise date though. When we move on and go where ever we go the people that live there should totally have a mini meet up, it would be fun. Then for Theatre, like I said we are putting on Alice Goes Down The Rabbit Hole, and I am part of the Props Crew. So yeah, been making flowers and gonna paint chairs soon. So fairly boring then, mainly got into it because my sister(same one a mentioned before) had such a good time doing it. So yeah, loads of fun in those two.

Now to moving. So we moved, which is why I’ve been gone. Here are some pictures of the house, and I might make a video, not sure. So yeah, moving into a much bigger house, hectic but fun. My room is mostly unpacked, as is the rest of the house, but there are a few straggler boxes. I have a pool at this house, so been making use of that. And a new bed, oh the wonders of having a good mattress(old one was like 20 years old, and was showing it, springs weren’t working in the middle, etc. not fun), I actually sleep well, most of the time. Um yeah, need to get an entertainment for the game room, once that is done we will actually set up the game systems. Though I did set up the Xbox 360, but I’ll get to that next paragraph. So yeah, had fun with that.

Now for extra-time stuff. So I have most lately been reading From Elvish To Klingon, a very interesting book about linguistics, invented languages. Some of the main ones that are mentioned are Elvish(and other Tolkien languages), Klingon, Esperanto, Volapük, Gaming Languages, Newspeak, Nadsat, and other fictional languages, for fiction or not. Which I learnt that there are 2 words from Newspeak that are in the English Dictionary, and another one derived from them. They are Newspeak(pretty obvious), Doublethink(thinking 2 different things at once, normally in conflict with each other), and Doublespeak(same thing except as speaking it, not thinking), so now I really want to use them in a formal paper. Before I started that I read I Robot, my first Asimov book, and it was every bit as good as it was made out to be, so I now have the Foundation Trilogy on my to-read list. Um I’ve also been working on DS9 Mafia, 20 players, should be ready once MMII is finished. As well as Klingon Mafia, that one should be loads of fun(role-playing encouraged ;)). Um I also got GTA5, every bit as good as it was made out to be, and I’m getting used to the driving part, I always have trouble with sensitive controls, I tend to overshoot them, something I have always had trouble with. Reminds me of when I was little, I used to(and still do) move the entire controller when turning and so on, and my body moved also. So someone(really good family friend) made a note of someone was inventing a controller that used movement, so Pre-Wii, and this was back when we mainly played on the N64 and Gamecube, good ole’ DK64, SSB Melee, and old Mario Party games, so yeah, tangent right there. But yeah, had plenty of fun doing all of that. Also Pandora is my savior, I can’t do videos as it eats up mobile data on my phone, so I do Pandora, which uses next to none, so I’ve been listening to Disney, Tom Lehrer Type of songs(fair bit of Weird Al mixed in on that one, Celtic type music, and recently Game music and classical also. So yeah.

I think that is all, I’m working on coding a ERS game simulator, still a long way to go, as I know next to nothing about programming something like that. But yeah, I’ve had a good month, and hopefully it will continue to be good.

So school first. The second six-weeks is just about up. I got the progress report, I some got 6 A’s and 1 B, the B being in Biologyhaha B is for Biology :P. How I have managed that I have no earthly idea, but I have. So now period by period, letsa go! English: Eh, finish TKaM, now reading the Odyssey. Good book, read it before and this is the greatly edited version, as in fully in the textbook. Not much to say, haven’t gotten in any arguments with the teacher so far so that’s a good thing. PIT(tech class): Still amazing. It is one of the classes I have a 100 in, basically daily completion grades so yeah. So um doing game programming ATM, amazing. At the time of writing I have made, using a program called Gamemaker, 2 player ping pong, a Break-Out clone(basically Pong), “Catch the Clown.” It is fun, still amazing at Counter Strike, really need to get the game, just the whole, have to shell out the bucks. So um yeah, PIT is awesome. Biology: Ugh. Not the best class, but interesting. That is when I can safely look at the pictures. I have realized, again, that blood and gore doesn’t make me sick, but give me a picture of a cell or stuff along those lines, and bleh. So um can’t wait for the unit to end on this. Other than that it has been good, boring but good. World History: OMG so good. I’ve always loved history(just ask Sunburn, we’ve had several discussions on the topic) so all of it in a single year is fun. We have finished the early civilizations, and only just finished Greek/Roman empires. So um yeah, had some problems with what’s she said at time(don’t think I told the story of the wrong 10 Commandments, but yeah, she had a different list up there, people can ask for details if wanted.) Haven’t gotten into a debate yet, but since we are about to talk about the early church I’m sure I’ll have more than one thing to say. So um yeah, she is also the best teacher ever, for reasons that are hard to go into, plus well, not for the young ;). Latin: This has been a good subject, and good teacher. Not much to say, interesting, especially if what I think I’m going to do later in life is correct, I’ll need it. Now tangent time: So in Mass last Sunday(27th) my teacher was there, and of course during the Homily, Father was emphasizing the full chanted Latin mass being held this weekend, and I had a straight line of sight to my teacher, quite funny. And I am indeed going to be going, will be quite a learning experience, the Schola is coming, and they are amazing, to think they do this just for fun. /end tangent. Math: Ugh, Algebra II, quadratic, matrices, etc. Not fun, but good teacher. So yeah, second lowest grade in this class(93). Theatre: Horrible class. Not because of the subject, nor teacher, but because of the students. Over half of the class is rowdy idiots. So yeah, had Principal’s called, referrals written, all of it because they won’t listen. Had one instance of bullying, not sure about the outcome of it, but yeah, not a fun class. That is all for actual class, but no yeah, had lots of fun, met plenty of new friends, and by no means feel out of place, it is quite entertaining most of it. Had a “career day” thingy a few weeks ago. Nice and boring, a huge waste of time, but since the upper-classmen had to take the PSAT I guess we had to do something. But still, bleh.

Extracurricular time. So I’m in Robotics, Theatre, and Ultimate Frisbee. Theatre has just about come to a close, performance is next weekend(7-9) so yeah. Been doing lots of props, and can’t wait to see the outcome. Only problem is, it is the same weekend as the Robotics competition, so doing Robo and not theatre, meaning I won’t get to see it :(. Robotics: We won the regional competition(Brazos Best) so moving on to state! The funny thing is, our robot, wasn’t in the top four robots, yet we still won overall. So haha in your face others(namely Cornerstone Christian Academy; and CSHS(our rival)). So yeah, tons of fun with that, moving on to State which is the 8th and 9th of October up in Dallas, Texas. So if some of you happen to live near UT in Dallas(the certain school up there, by no means the Austin one) come out and visit. I only know of one person who lives up there *cough @Setra; cough* but if more are there please come, it is free to watch afaik. So yeah, had fun with that. And Ultimate Frisbee, the one sport I don’t fail at. I am actually fairly good, having been throwing a Frisbee since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. So had tons of fun with that, sad it is only once a week though.

Now for church. Not much interesting going on in this sector. Youth Director left, still not quite sure why though. Gonna have a Latin Ordinary Mass, already touched on this before. So yeah, nice and boring there, though I do think I have figured out that I will be becoming a Priest when I graduate HS, that is unless something amazingly different happens.

And finally free-time activities. OMG so many things. Mkay, books first: I think I mentioned I ended I Robot last time so won’t go into detail, still a good book. I started and finished From Elvish to Klingon, a quite interesting book on invented languages. It is amazing, I definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in linguistics at all. I have now began Klingon for the Galactic Traveler, basically just how to speak Klingon(noticing a trend here?). So yeah, fun there. Now for other games. So a couple weekends ago, I went to the re-launch party for Ogre, a Steve Jackson game. It was his very first game 35 years ago, and through Kickstarter it was able to be re-printed as one of the largest games of all time. A whopping 28 pounds, it is HUGE. And we got 2 copies ;) Normally the game would go for like $300, no idea what we got it for though. So yeah, it is an amazing game, went to Austin for the launch, with my Dad and one of his Best Friends, and just about everyone working at Steve Jackson games was there. You probably know the company from their game Munchkin, by far their most popular. I did get to meet Steve Jackson, and Phil Reed, the main two people in the company. We even got Steve Jackson’s autograph, he is that big of a figure. So that was amazing, and of course the same day my Boy Scout troop had a Artemis tournament, a spaceship bridge simulator, can explain more if wanted, which is another amazing game, but sorry, it was no debate which to go to. So yeah, tons of fun that day. Um now for THE game, you know the one I’m talking about, X/Y! I ended up getting both, but only have started X so far. I finished by the end of the weekend, having gone to the midnight launch at my local Gamestop. So I finished the game super-fast, and then went through and did side stuff. I went and tried to get all of the E4 moves and abilities for the ‘Pedia, but somehow no one noticed my post in the staff forum so 2 more people posted them, those were completed though. *coughhigh-upscough* That also happened with the other info in my post, all except the ending words, which is an amazing message

I think that warranted a quote, by far the best message in the game. Now I just need to finished breeding for #WonderTradeWendsday, which if you aren’t doing it, shame on you, only excuse is if you don’t have internet, which I didn’t for a long time. But now my Female Greninja will be breeding so much. Though it seems breeding was made harder in this Gen, not sure why but it seems to take longer, and I have done a fair bit of breeding. So yeah, fun. I also found that Looker came back. I guess that he really is a fan favorite, 2 gens after his debut, he is still here. You become his partner and go on solving mysteries around Lumiose City, lots of fun, I’m on the third mission. So yeah, one of the best parts. I also seem to have a Water Friend Safari :( though at least it has Gyarados in it. Someone get me the Dragon FS, those I really want, I only have one of those. So great game, looking forward to playing with everyone again. So yeah, loads of fun, not sure what else to say. Sister is still driving me crazy, but other than that life is fine.

Well, how about, month number three. November has mostly been uneventful. Had more playing time, had more school, had more church, nice and boring. And sorry if what I am saying overlaps with October, I’m just confused on what was when. So all of that stuff. One by one, let’s-a-go.

School: School has been good, still annoying but good. Um class by class, huh? English: Ugh, still hate it. Not terrible, but still hate it. Now I am writing a short story for it, due December 6th. So ugh. PIT: OMG can’t believe I’m almost done with the class. It is a semester class so once the semester ends, that’s it, nothing else. So sad thing there. But we are making games now, using Gamemaker. So much fun is had there. Biology: Close to the same thing as English, hate it. Interesting, but still hate it. And also on the 6th, our notebooks are due for grading. Which means I have to write about 50 pages of Cornell questions and summaries, and glue in pictures. So um, this weekend, yeah, right. History: OMG, just as good as PIT. It is just, ugh, so good. So yeah, history is great. Plus, for the Middle Ages, we get some extra credit for each 6 weeks, and well you could watch al tree Lord of the Rings for 9 points, 3 each. So yeah, guess what I did one weekend ;) I also got her hooked on the Ranger’s Apprentice series, which is now EC. So yes, very productive this 6 weeks. Latin: Eh, interesting but not great. Though while re-reading the Ranger’s Apprentice series, I did notice a word that I wouldn’t know if I hadn’t taken Latin this year, so coolness there. Math: Ugh, me no like. I actually failed a test a few weeks ago. I got a 63, that stuff just wasn’t clicking with me. At least this stuff is better. Theatre: Love the class, hate the other students. I did get invited to see Catching Fire with some of the other students, a kind of field trip the teacher was putting together, is loose forms of the word. But, it is decent.

Extracurricular stuff: Theatre and Robotics has ended. Haven’t really done Frisbee this past while, so yeah, school stuff is boring. Though Latin club is starting up, gonna get in on that. But other stuff. Scouts: Haven’t done much with them either, haven’t found the motivation to. Squires: Done more with this. This weekend(23-24) we were selling magnets outside of Mass, I went to all 4 of them, and boy is it cold when the wind blows. Though, it was only wind-chill of 30 at the most, probably closer to 35, so shut up you northerners, that’s cold. As others were saying, I’d take 110 over that any day. But I did sell over $100 worth of magnets, by far the best-selling person of the group. I did of course get the prime spot, but no one needed to know that.

Already covered the church stuff in the above part, so no need to do more.

Free time fun stuff: Well other than playing X more, nothing has really happened. Actually, scratch that. So As I said, I have been re-reading Ranger’s Apprentice. Namely because book number 12 came out, the “last one” in the series. Only, it’s like the 3 “last one,” and the way it ended, it was set up perfectly for a sequel, plus a spinoff, etc. So yeah, the book as amazing, you can VM or PM me if you want to talk about it. After that, saw Catching Fire, really good movie. Not much more to say. But finally, DOCTOR WHO 50TH. Putting in spoilers for those that don’t want stuff said. Needless to say, it was good.
So yes, it was amazing. And I now have like 20 hours of Doctor Who stuff recorded, so that will be fun to watch.

I think that is all of November, fun times. Thanksgiving will be later, so yeah.

Mkay, time for the final stretch: Thanksgiving; yada-yada. I did horrible at the games we played over the break. Like, utterly and completely. School, better but still annoying. Church, lots of fun, yada-yada. So, um, yeah, business as usual.

BULBAVERSARY: So I just passed my second Bulbaversary. It has been a rollercoaster of a ride. I can’t believe how naïve was when I first joined, but slowly I have figured stuff out. Just think, I was an innocent 13 year-old when I joined, now look at me. In January I was modded, though I have been severely lacking in those duties for the past while. Still, I am back and should be mostly back into the job. But I have to make some major career decisions here in the next couple months, depending on my activity. But these past two years have been the best in my life. And they are because of all of you, especially a select few. Some of those few being: @Zima;, @Ash K.;, @Zenax;, @Midorikawa;, @Setra; and a few others that I can’t think of right now. So yeah, huge thanks to y’all, and 3 of you I consider some of my closest friends(y’all know which 3), in a weird internet friend sort of way. Only since I started public school have others begun to beat you, but y’all till hold a special place in my heart. So yeah, I’ve had a wonderful 2 years, and here’s to many more.
If y’all couldn’t tell, this last part was written at midnight, so not all of my mind was working on it.
So um over 4750 words, and 9 TNR 12 pages, quite an achievement for myself. If you want to ask questions please do, I hope to tell as much about my time not on the computer as I can. It really was nice not having to worry about here, but getting back will be nice. Pictures will come eventually, may be a while though.

Oh and why aren't you following me on Twitter? I have been using that more often now, so go follow me, and I will probably follow you back. Not all of it is Bulba related, but some of it is, the rest is real life stuff.

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    Oh wow, what an honor! Happy Bulbaversary. :D
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    That doc who special was good and interesting

    Thanks for the mention and happy bulbaversary. If I'm one of those three people then I seriously don't know it -_-;

    And first comment Watch me get ninja'd
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    Aw yiss! Motha lovin' bulbaversary!

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    Its already been two years? Wow. I remember when you had the Salamence avatar. Happy Bulbaversary!
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    Happy Bulbaversary!
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    Hey, John! Welcome back and Happy Bulbaversary!
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    To the person that I share a birthday with:

    HAPPY BULBAVERSARY!!! and welcome back


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