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Birthday Thank You's :)

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by , 7th May 2013 at 02:23 PM (381 Views)
Thank You everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I had a good one though it feels strange to be 15 now. So thank you to

@Water Max;
@Shiny Celebi;
@Voltaire Magneton;
@Kakuna Matata;
@Princess Crow;
@Trainer Gabriel;
@BlueWartortle; Special mention for having the same Birthday as me :)

So thank you and hope to see you next year(though for my Bulbaversary before my birthday).

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  1. Midorikawa's Avatar
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    Glad your day wa good :)

    Savor your youth now
  2. HumanDawn's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Happy Birthday~
  3. Zexy's Avatar
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    • permalink
    You are definitely more popular than me :))
    That's called "moderator treatment"...

    Happy Birthday to us for the last time!
  4. Trainer Gabriel's Avatar
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    • permalink
    You're welcome! :)


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