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I'm not leaving Bulbagarden forums…yet.

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I might as well stay here for a little longer, or at least until november 28th (my second bulbaversary). I wanted to apologize for riling up my blogs. I felt just horrible after what I've done. I would like to make amends before I leave here for good. If anything, I would like to share what I've been doing instead of Bulbagarden forums.

I moved to Dailymotion where I make My Little Pony Videos as a hobby. (My channel: http://www.dailymotion.com/BladeLight52#video=x15wo0g) I believe I have already stated that I was a Brony. What I do is re-score full episodes with different background music (the vocals only tracks were free to everyone at the TF2mods site.). I use scores from japanese composers such as Kow Otani, Kohei Tanaka, Hayato Matsuo, Shigeaki Saegusa, and Shinji Miyazaki (yes, even I use some pieces from the pokemon anime and movies). Out of respect for the original composers, I keep in some of the original music intact and I always keep in the songs.

Not a lot of people do these kinds of videos and I feel like the only one who does full episodes using scores from anime and games. I make these videos because I love Friendship is Magic and the people who worked on it. But the main reason why I do it is because I love making them. I feel good inside whenever I make these videos. I share these videos to my family, friends, and to any Bronies.

If you feel like checking them out, I completed the first two episodes. Both have BGM composed by Kow Otani.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

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