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  1. My Most Anticipated Games of 2015.

    I know that this type of list is suppose to be in January, but I've been disappointed at the games I've played this year so far. Dying Light's gameplay was pretty good, but the story was weak. I got bored with Evolve after a day or two, despite the cool concept it had (I had more fun with Titanfall than this). The Order 1886, while beautiful to look at and the gameplay was serviceable at best, it was not only shorter than most AAA games, it had no replay value. Oh, and Battlefield Hardline? It wasn't ...

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  2. List of Video Games I've played throughout my life from 1985 to 2014.

    The games list in bold are games that I think were the best that I've played. As it goes on though, It'll be one game per year that was the best for me. Remember, this is my list.

    Super Mario Bros
    Duck Hunt

    The Legend of Zelda
    Kid Icarus

    Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
    Metal Gear
    Super Mario Bros. 2
    Mega Man

    Super Mario Bros. 3
    Mega ...

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  3. Transformers Armada Background Music Episode List

    Transformers Armada was another series that had a mix of original BGM with BGM produced specifically for the English dub. There is a higher percentage of Hayato Matsuo's score, with moments of silence where the music shouldn't be playing, and the dub music isn't wall to wall, unlike Pokemon's dub, where there is an extremely low percentage of Japanese BGM, with wall to wall music. In this however, there is no wall-to-wall. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am NOT a fan of wall-to-wall music, especially ...

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  4. I've watched the English dub of Pokemon Cocoon of Destruction.

    ...What the heck happened? What this intentional on TPCi's part? The BGM had been replaced with...I don't even. I can't even comprehend this. What made them think that this is a good idea? This is something that the Pokemon movies haven't done since Movie 3...back in 2001! That's it. The dub is a lost cause. They don't even care about Pokemon anymore. I don't even care about it anymore. I'm done with the dub. Completely. Way to go, TPCi. Way to go.

    Have a nice day, folks.
  5. BGM Replacement is still a problem with Pokemon.


    The preview episodes were just...amazing. That is what I call an English dub. Mostly accurate script, decent voice acting, and most of all, the original music. Now that it officially premiered, it degenerated from an English dub to a hack dub. This isn't what an english dub is suppose to be. It's suppose to be the process of replacing the original dialogue from its native language to those of different voice actors speaking another language. As long as the script is accurate ...
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