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  1. Loads of News (Art Offer/Looking to Wi-Fi Battle)

    by , 16th January 2012 at 02:57 AM
    Alright, so, I am bored. Thought I'd let everyone know what's up.


    Soul~ News
    Alright, so I've added three or five news characters to my animation series Soul~. There's Whispers, Nya, Galaxy, and I forgot the other two, if there are two others.
    I'm still working on the theme song sadly...
    I still need my friends to pick what characters they're going to voice.
    Before you ask, I'm really not looking for voices, mainly 'cause I don't want
  2. I'm Using This Right, Right?

    by , 15th January 2012 at 03:42 PM
    Okay, I just wanted to test this out really. XD
    I haven't done any blog posts yet, so here's my first. XD

    Anyways, I probably will be blogging about recent animations, updates on my animation series, art offers, and just to rant about random stuff. :)

    *taps fingers on desk*
    Well, I guess I did this right...?