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  1. Pokémon Should Exist -_-

    Lately my church had a car wash.

    We went through like 20 cars. Maybe more.

    It was so hot and we were so tired...

    Pokémon should exist.

    If Pokémon existed,

    Squirtle would Water Gun the whole car.

    *Or he could use Surf and wash all the cars.

    Then Machamp would use all four arms to soap the whole car.

    *Or we could use a Machamp on each car.

    Then Squirtle would use ...
  2. Awkward Moments, Anyone? °_°

    Has anyone been in some sort of awkward (silent) moments? I remember in school I was sent along with a guy to get the laptop cart from upstairs and we have an elevator at our school to bring carts up and down. When we went down with the cart, it was SOO awkward. Silence except for the elevator motor and we were just staring at the door. I was so glad when the door opened.

    LOL so awkward
  3. Who's ready for Pokémon Black and White 2

    I think I'm excited. I hope it's better than the regular ones. Those were horrible. They have zero non-Unova Pokémon before the National Dex and the story didn't make sense for me. Why in the world would N fly of on a Zekrom/Reshiram to go to who-knows-where? WHERE does he even go?

    Most of the Unova Pokémon stink. Even a Caterpie is better than Sewaddle in my world.

    But on the bright side, the starter Pokémon are more awesome than cute. It's also cool how TMs can ...
  4. Ducklett: Freaky or cool?

    Reasons why they're freaky:

    - Evil laugh
    - Most are mischievous
    - Cry is a little scary
    - Should've died when Pikachu used two electric type moves

    Reasons why they're cool:

    - Good typing
    - Evolves into an awesome Pokémon, Swanna
    - Uses most HM moves
    - Who doesn't use a bird on their team?

    What's your opinion?
  5. Spell of the Unown

    Reposting this.

    I hate it when people don't get it. Little girl, Entei is NOT your father. Your real father was captured bu Unown.

    Unown are freaky but cool. I caught 14 different unown. Anyone caught all of 'em?
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