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"Bad" design=Bad Pokemon, how far bmgf has fallen.

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Seem all people like to do on this site now is complain about Pokemon designs, which is something that was little to nonexistent when i first joined, people here used to be unbiased regarding Pokemon designs but recently more and more people(mostly newer members though alot of older members, including a few who've been here longer than me) have been taking part in bashing Pokemon based on their looks. Bulbagarden is no better than Serebii at this point *sigh*

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  1. White Yoshi's Avatar
    I am half and half on it.

    I judge a Pokemon on design, concept, type and move pull. Though when I judge on type and move pull I judge on how fun it is not how strong it is.
  2. FullMetal's Avatar
    I, for one, do not part take in the bashing of Pokemon designs.
  3. Norzan's Avatar
    I'm gonna be honest, i thought Klefki was pretty stupid when i first saw it but then i did some research to see if they just decided just to put some eyeballs on a keyring but then i saw that it was pretty creative. For me when a new gen comes out i just look at the pokemon that look awesome to me (like a freaking Dragon T-Rex in this gen) and i don't mind the rest but i don't think they're crap.
  4. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    Sometimes people don't like how a Pokemon looks. Ridiculous, I know.
  5. Peaceful Giraffe's Avatar
    I do not bash Pokemon. I mean, there are some Pokes whose designs I dislike, but I don't bash them for it.
  6. White Crow's Avatar
    Well, the first thing you see it's the 'mon design, not stats and etc.. But some people stays with the design.
    Won't lie, there are 'mons I don't like because of the design (And I'm sure I'm not the only one), but bashing is totally diferent, in fact, looks aren't anything in competitive world.. I laugh at the people who complained about honedge and its evolutionary line and now it's their must-use. I wonder why people do that..
  7. Berrenta's Avatar
    There were some Pokémon whose designs I disliked at first, but they started to grow on me over time, and I started to like them. Volcarona, Druddigon, and (to a lesser extent) Mismagius are examples.
  8. Master Mew's Avatar
    I, for one, cannot decide if I think it's more shallow to judge pokémon based on their designs or based on their usefulness in battle.

    There are some awesome (looking) pokémon that I wish could be even remotely competitive (Beedrill).

    There are some pokémon that are handy in battle that I wish looked as useful as they are (Klefki).

    I'm not sure which is worse.


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