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im going on vacation...

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by , 15th March 2012 at 10:16 AM (227 Views)
with no wi-fi! the stupid hotel my mom chose costs EIGHT DOLLARS A DAY for wi-fi! so yeah. i'll be gone sfor the most part starting 12:00 U.S. central time ( @Water Max you do know where Chicago is right? because that's the main city in my time zone)

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  1. Water Max's Avatar
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    Yes I know that Chicago is in the North East of America. I mainly know this from watching some American films.
  2. Yato's Avatar
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    Though, I do hope you have fun :)
  3. UnovaCastaway's Avatar
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    Sometime, you should invest in a smart phone or another device with 3G access. There's a charge to your phone bill, but you can get Internet access almost anywhere and don't have to worry about shelling out $8-12 a day just to use wifi at a hotel.


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